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Capitol Report: Rep. Jordan Prepares to Launch Multiple Investigations; Judge Reaches Decision Against Trump Organization

The GOP launches their investigation into multiple federal agencies, and what they’re calling the “weaponization of the government.” We’ll take a look at where they’ll start and why Democrats are opposed.

President Joe Biden is meeting the Japanese prime minister as the two work to deter threats from China. What are the leaders pledging?

Rep. Tom Tiffany (R-Wis.) joins us to discuss Biden’s classified files, which are raising concerns over the ties between the Penn Biden Center and the Chinese communist regime.

A judge has ordered former President Donald Trump’s real-estate company to pay over a million dollars in fines.

Has the media been fair in covering the Biden documents in the same way they covered the Trump story over how the former president handled classified documents? A journalism professor at Liberty University joins us to discuss.

This Monday commemorates Martin Luther King Jr. To honor him, the National Parks Service will be waiving entrance fees.

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