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Capitol Report (June 28): Are Open Border Policies Inviting Tragedy?; US Bans Russian Gold

Dozens of illegal immigrants were trapped in an 18-wheeler in Texas. At least 50 of them died from the San Antonio heat. Republicans are putting the blame on President Joe Biden.

With gas prices still lingering at record levels, will the prices come down any time soon? Pennsylvania Congressman John Joyce joins us to discuss.

The Biden administration is touting an “action plan” following the Supreme Court’s decision overturning Roe v. Wade. What does the health secretary say is being considered, and why do pro-life advocates say one of the moves could violate the law?

More primary races are underway Tuesday night. Governors in New York and Illinois face the voters, as Republicans vie to take back the majority in Congress. Meanwhile, new analysis shows that around 1.7 million people are switching their party affiliation.

Is the Hispanic vote the firewall that will stop the Democrats from retaining power in Congress? Pastor Mark Gonzalez says it will.

The United States imposed a new round of sanctions on Russia. The Treasury Department announced the United States and key allies will ban imports of Russian gold.

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