Capitol Report (Dec. 29): Trust in Mainstream Media at Record Low

By Steve Lance
Steve Lance
Steve Lance
Steve Lance is the host of Capitol Report, a political news show based in Washington aimed at providing a direct channel to the voices and people who shape policy in America. Capitol Report features all of the political news of the day with expert interviews and analysis.
December 29, 2021Updated: December 29, 2021

CCP (Chinese Communist Partyvirus cases are surging across the United States and average daily cases in Washington, D.C., have skyrocketed since Thanksgiving.

If you are currently abroad and your U.S. passport has expired, you may be able to use that expired passport to return to the United States.

Trust in the legacy news media has been polling at record lows. We had a chance to speak with veteran writer and journalist John O’Sullivan to explore the current state of journalism and why more Americans have lost their trust in the media.

President Joe Biden signed an executive order finalizing a pay raise for civilian federal employees. The raise is set to kick in in 2022.

Communism and socialism appear to be losing the stigma that was once associated with these ideologies. We ask author Mary Eberstadt why she thinks that these very ideologies associated with over 100 million unnatural deaths across the world have been embraced by today’s younger generation.

A 130-year-old time capsule full of ancient history was just found in Richmond, Virginia. It was hidden in the remains where General Robert E. Lee’s statue once stood.

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