Candidate Tours California by Bike for Fair and Honest Election

August 21, 2018 Updated: August 21, 2018

For this year’s November election, Republican candidate, Mark Meuser, is running for the California Secretary of State and will be going on a bike tour throughout California in hopes of ensuring better election results. Meuser is biking and holding rallies across the 58 counties in California.

On the evening of Monday, August 13th, Meuser arrived in San Francisco to meet with supporters. If elected, he promises to protect citizens’ electoral rights from infringement.

“It’s [San Francisco] a little bit colder than everywhere else I’ve been on this tour. I’ve been doing Death Valley at 109 [degrees]; this is a little bit different,” said Meuser.

As a Republican candidate, Meuser ranked second with a 31% vote in the June primary, and will challenge the current Democratic Secretary of State, Alex Padilla, in the November election. He pointed out that California’s electoral system is full of loopholes, and those who are not registered to vote are also voting.

“People are waking up that Los Angeles County has a 144% voter registration, and nobody that I’ve talked to thinks that 144% voter registration is a good thing,” said Meuser.

Beginning in November this year, illegal immigrants and non-citizens in San Francisco will be able to participate in the election of the education committee and create a precedent for the California electoral system. Meuser said that this practice is a serious violation of the constitutional rights granted to citizens.

The Secretary of State is responsible for various elections. Meuser said that if elected, he will thoroughly check the number of voters in California and promote the voter ID card system.

“If you’re dead, removed them from the voter rolls,” explained Meuser. If you’ve moved from the state of California, remove you from the voter rolls; if you’re not a citizen, you need to be removed from the voter rolls; and so, we just got to do our job.”

Meuser’s bike tour in California will end on August 23. He encourages voters to pay attention to his questions and make the electoral system more open and transparent.