Bunny-Looking Critter Hops Around Sanctuary, Upon Closer Look, It’s Not What You Think

May 1, 2019 Updated: May 7, 2019

Just like human beings, animals too are sometimes born with defects and disabilities in life. And, just like people, they also thrive when cared for and loved—especially when they are young. This precious pup was born with no front legs, but was fortunate to have found a caring sanctuary in Orlando!

Pippin is a mixed-breed puppy who was born without a trace of any front legs whatsoever. He was taken in with open arms by the staff at LoveyLoaves Special Needs Rescue and Sanctuary who provided care for him while he awaited a suitable new family to adopt him. Other than his missing two legs, Pippin is a very healthy pup, with no medical issues.

Lil' Pip went under the knife this morning for a neuter, and now he's sleeping it off. Puny Pippin…

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Despite his handicap, Pippin was in no pain whatsoever. He is a very normal, happy and healthy pup, who was loved by everyone at the shelter. He likes to play and bite with his “razor-sharp raptor teeth” and also whimpers to be held and to be fed.

Pippin is functioning as normal as he can. He walks and runs almost like a normal puppy. Though he was born with no front legs, he acts very much like other puppies act. He walks on his hind legs as if he doesn’t have any defect at all!

“We can learn so much from dogs. They adapt and they move on, and they do so with a tongue-lolling smile!” the Sanctuary posted on Facebook in 2017. “So for now, he is walking like a T-rex and hopping like a bunny on his hind legs. Sometimes he scoots and slides around. He is not hurting himself. He is fine.”

We have been bowled over with adorableness! Meet Pippin. This lil' 2 month old meerkat-wannabe has inchwormed his way…

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Full of confidence, being unaware of his handicap, Pippin walks around as if he owns the place—a bit like a T-Rex—and when he runs, he hops like a bunny. He is always happy and never growls at anyone for any reason.

The shelter is now planning on giving him wheels, so he can roll about and run more normally, as the others do, though he is still too young to be fitted for the appliance. Getting him custom-fitted for one would be a waste, since he is still growing at a rapid pace.

This crap infuriates us. We combat this idiotic ignorance all the time. LoveyLoaves and the education aspect of our…

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Pippin is taking each day as it comes. He is so happy and safe where he is now that he simply fails to notice his handicap. His loving and tender enthusiasm for life is precious, something worth treasuring—it is no different from how we human beings should treat each other in life. Every living creature thrives on love and understanding, and that is worth protecting.

Pippen's "Neighborhood Watch" video from the other day went totally crazy! At over 444K views, over a million people reached, and 9,500+ shares, there are a massive amount of common comments and questions so we wanted to address some things here in a new post for all to see while also sharing a brand new video of the lil' guy rocking it slo-mo! FIRST… he is in no pain, nor is he "miserable" or a "poor baby" just because he has no front legs. He has a birth defect where he was born with no front legs. Aside from that he is a completely normal, happy, healthy puppy. He plays and bites with his razor sharp raptor teeth and whines to be held and eat. We can learn so much from dogs. They adapt and they move on, and they do so with a tongue-lolling smile! SECOND… yes, he will get a set of wheels. But he is only 8 weeks old. He needs to grow before we can fit him for a set of wheels. He is growing rapidly. He is visually larger today than he was even four days ago. Any wheels purchased or built today would not fit him correctly a week from now. Our carts come from Eddie's Wheels for Pets where they custom build for us to exact measurements and specifications of each individual dog. We are not just going to throw something together and slap it on him for fear of hurting his back due to the unique way in which he moves. So for now, he is walking like a T-rex and hopping like a bunny on his hind legs. Sometimes he scoots and slides around. He is not hurting himself. He is fine.THIRD AND LASTLY… to those of you who have commented and view him as a beautiful, inspirational, deserving and worthy dog… THANK YOU! You are exactly right. To those who have laughed at the "freak" and expressed that he is not deserving of a happy life… shame on you. You have a lot to learn.

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For all those good Samaritans out there, kudos to you for the care and sacrifice you provide these animals that really need that extra helping hand in order for them to thrive!


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