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Biden Classified Documents were Discovered Before the Last Election, Why wasn’t He Raided? | The Larry Elder Show | EP. 109

On Monday, CBS broke the news that, days before the midterm elections, roughly ten documents with classification markings were found among Joe Biden’s vice presidential files in a private office he once used. A federal prosecutor is investigating, and the FBI is involved.

Mainstream media news analysts caution that this apparent mishandling of material differs from former President Donald Trump’s retention of hundreds of classified documents at his Mar-a-Lago home, which ultimately triggered an extraordinary FBI search last year. 

So, what is the difference between Biden’s and Trump’s classified documents?

In this episode, Larry Elder sits down with nationally syndicated talk show host Sam Bushman to give a side-by-side look at the Trump and Biden classified documents.

After “American” was deemed “harmful language” by Stanford guide, another word has been canceled—this time by the University of Southern California.  Washington Examiner commentary writer Christopher Tremoglie joins the show again to discuss his article “USC’s nonsensical decision to declare the word ‘field’ as racist.” 

Laura Wellington, an award-winning children’s television creator, joins the show to discuss the trials unvaccinated parents of vaccinated adult children are going through.

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