Baby Poops in His Onesie. When the Bulldog ‘Hears’ It, He Just Can’t Wait

June 14, 2019 Updated: June 24, 2019

Man’s best friend can also be baby’s best friend, as many families know. Studies have shown that having a dog can give children a chance to develop responsibility and compassion, get outside and play more often, and have lower stress and anxiety levels.

Most dog breeds are very tolerant of all the shenanigans that little ones get up to, but they’re also good at setting boundaries when kids cross the line.

In one video that had the internet in stitches, you can see exactly how that works!

Not just man’s best friend… kids’ best friends too (Illustration – Shutterstock | Away)

At first, it’s just a touching scene of a cute baby, dressed in a onesie, sitting on a leather armchair next to a sweet dog.

The baby boy named Hollis is still not able to sit up on his own but has been carefully propped up by his mom against the armrest and the back of the chair. He’s clearly having a good time pretending to be a big boy.

Next to him is the family’s sweet dog, Max Jean, a black-and-white bulldog sleeping on what appears to be his favorite chair. Clearly, Max is just as fond of Hollis as his mom is.

The family’s dog Max was enjoying a peaceful snooze with his baby brother Hollis (Illustration – Shutterstock | dogboxstudio)

The only sign of trouble on the horizon was the way Hollis started to make some strange grunting noises. “Oh you look like you’re about to poop or something,” the mother says. “You can do it, Hollis.”

While she encourages her little boy to relieve himself, she clearly hasn’t asked Max how he feels about being right next to a bathroom break.

It seems like Hollis might just be making noises and trying to join in the conversation as his mom pets the dog. “Max, you’re so sweet, yes you are.”

It quickly becomes clear that Hollis doesn’t just want to chat; he’s working on something pretty big. Although Max has been very chill thus far about the baby, he finally reaches his breaking point and bolts out of the chair. Little Hollis is interrupted in his bathroom activities by the dog’s sudden departure and even topples over, with a shocked look on his face.

Kids and dogs love to spend time together, but even patient pups have their boundaries (Illustration – Shutterstock | UvGroup)

Mom can’t help but chuckle as the dog escapes just in the nick of time and her precariously perched little boy falls over. “Oh gosh, whoopsie!” Now she’s got to pick him up and clean him up.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time that a baby has sent a dog friend running because of trouble down below. In 2016, a video was posted with a mother holding her baby and the dog sat below.

The mother appears to be burping her baby, perhaps after a feeding, and pats her on the back. Unfortunately all the movement and pats lead to a little eruption. The family’s sweet dog, which has been loyally sitting by the mother’s feet decides this is just a bit too much and takes a hike!

To be fair to Hollis and all the babies out there, they’re not the only ones who sometimes need to let off a little steam. In a video posted on YouTube a few years ago, a black and white pup appears to be sleeping deeply, and even dreaming, when all of a sudden he breaks wind loudly and wakes up with a start.

Thankfully, dogs can be forgiving and Max and Hollis surely made up not long after, after Hollis got his diaper changed, of course.