Abandoned Dog Paralyzed by Fear Keeps Looking at Wall (Video)

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September 21, 2016Updated: September 24, 2016

An animal rescue in North Carolina is raising awareness to the lasting effects irresponsible owners can have on their pets. The subject of the campaign is a Labrador who was dumped at a shelter.

Tammy Graves, the founder of The Haley Graves Foundation, posted a picture to Facebook showing the dog cowering in a corner. She wrote, “This guy yesterday morning woke up happy on a couch or in a warm bed, waiting to be fed, hopped in the car thinking he was going to the park…Instead he went to a place where there are 275 dogs barking to be freed, it smells like death, and doors are banging shut all the time. Animals walk by and never return. And he has no idea his fate. All he knows is he didn’t ask to be here.”

She has since announced that the dog, who turned out to be female and has been named June Cash, was taken in by her organization and is making strides towards recovery.