2015 Chrysler 300

"Proud to Place in the Drive Way"
December 29, 2014 Updated: December 29, 2014

Before I tell you about the 300 and its introduction in 1955, let me share something about the Chrysler Brand.

Total sales have grown 71 percent since 200,; out indexing the industry. Since 2013, Chrysler Brand experienced double digit year-over-year sales increases across all name plates.

Since 1955, Chrysler 300 has grown from an average sedan to a handsome vehicle that provides sophistication, craftsmanship, and technology. Yet Chrysler still manages to produce a car at an affordable price. The Chrysler 300 starts at $31,395.

Because of this quality product Chrysler 300 has improved total sales by 49 percent since 2010. More than four times the full-size segment. Thus increasing market share by 2.4 percent.

Over the years, Chrysler has made the 300 more sculptured with an expressive style. The unmasked exterior is profiled in the bolder “Face of Chrysler” front grille and signature LED lighting, unique finish, and new wheel design.

The 300 combines an array of easy-to-use features with state-of the-art technology. The standard Uconnect 8.4A System with an 8.4 percent full-color information display gives you HD radio, Bluetooth audio streaming, and voice command. The 8.4AN upgrade adds navigation, plus Uconnect Access which includes voice texting, downloadable apps, mobile access, WIFI hotspot, and voice recognition.

The 300 has Full-Speed Forward Collision Warning with Active Braking that provides audio and visual warnings and autonomous braking to avoid a frontal impact, bringing the car to a full stop if necessary. There are also Adaptive Cruise Control and Lane Departure Warning with Lane Keep Assist. These are a few of the more than 80 safety and security features. Because we are all different, settings are adjustable.

The real secret to the beauty of the Chrysler 300 is your choice of engine. The V6 RWD models have best-in-class fuel economy of 31 mpg highway with the 3.6-liter Pentatar engine that delivers 292 horsepower and 264 pound-feet of torque.

The engine has improved up to 60 percent in mileage, acceleration, and refinements. The 5.7-liter HEMI V8 engine delivers 363 horsepower and features four-cylinder mode fuel-save technology. This improves performance while getting up to 25 mpg highway.

Phrases like sophistication, head turning, fluidly sculptured, and enhancing features describe the exterior of the Chrysler 300.

The taller, more prominent grille boldly adds style, as do the bi-functional, projector beam, headlights with integrated LED-illuminated daytime running lamps forming a “C” shape of an unmistakable identity.

An elegantly drawn chrome Mobius strip outlines the lower grille opening and extends to surround the new LED fog lamps.

The features I liked the best were the elegantly tailored chrome window surrounds and chrome mirrors that proclaim true luxury.

There are seven new wheel designs ranging from 17-inch to 20-inch. Just above the rear tires are the LED tail lamps with illuminated halo signature appearance. Elegantly drawn polished exhaust tips give a rugged athletic profile.

Years ago, Cadillac was in the public’s mind as a truly luxurious and roomy vehicle. The 300 was just another average car. Over the last few years that impression has changed. Cadillac has placed emphasis on powerful engines with extended front hoods. Technology has been added generally at the expense of practicality. Driver and passenger seats have shrunk, and leg room in the back is nearly nonexistent. Hip room has disappeared as well.

On the other hand, Chrysler 300 has made the front seats wider and comfortable, and nice back seating as well. The engine has great horsepower and torque, but not at the expense of roominess. Yet even though the 300 is comfortable, that has not been provided at the expense of updated and easily understood technology. Safety and technology are splendidly represented in the Chrysler 300. The car may be big, but it survives on just sips of gasoline.

So whether it is the oversized glove box with center-positioned light, oversize pockets on each of the four doors, or the nearly one inch of additional rear passenger knee room, you will feel good about the car. And of course, the seat track location is optimized for passenger foot space.

The Chrysler 300 drives like a fine quality luxury sedan, holding the road well and performing to complete any task in a quiet, quality atmosphere.

Durhl Caussey writes a car column read around the world. He may be reached at this newspaper or dcaussey@sbcglobal.net.