Couple’s Dying Wish for Dream Wedding, Honeymoon Comes True

By Alex Johnston
Epoch Times Staff
Created: March 16, 2013 Last Updated: March 16, 2013
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Couple’s dying wish for dream wedding: The dying wish of a man suffering from terminal brain cancer came true via online donations and family support.

The charity page for the wedding and honeymoon of Nolan Keane and Morgan Carstens. (Screenshot taken by The Epoch Times)

The charity page for the wedding and honeymoon of Nolan Keane and Morgan Carstens. (Screenshot taken by The Epoch Times)

Nolan Keane, 28, of Kewanee, Ill., married his high school sweetheart Morgan Carstens, 26, after the couple were the recipient of thousands of dollars in donations via the Internet. Keane was diagnosed with an aggressive form of brain cancer four years ago has been battling the disease ever since.

In the meantime, Carstens, a registered nurse, moved into Keane’s family home and took care of him.

“I didn’t think twice about it. I knew he needed me and I would kind of feel guilty taking care of others. We just take it day by day and we make it work … You get put in a situation and you do what you have to do,” she told ABC News, according to a report on Saturday.

Keane proposed to Carstens last November while on a family vacation to Disney World.

“We went to go see the fireworks. Since there was so much walking, he told me, ‘My back is really hurting. Can you get me out the wheelchair?’ And then [he] got down on one knee and I forgot to say yes. I think he kind of knew by my response,” she told the station.

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But recently, it was discovered that Keane’s cancer spread and doctors said he has only a year left to live. His final dying wish was to marry Carstens, and he said their honeymoon should take place at Disney World.

Friends and family used Facebook and, an online fundraising organization, and received $60,000, which exceeded their original $20,000 goal for their wedding and a honeymoon later in Disney World. News of the fundraising went viral, receiving ample media coverage.

“I wanted to take Morgan back to Disney with my family,” Keane told the Chicago Sun Times. “I’m a little kid at heart. It’s always been a special place for me, good memories. And I know it will leave a good memory for all of us.”

The two got married March 9 in Peoria, Ill.,

“We have been only asking for support, encouragement and prayers, so when all of this blew up we all had every single emotion as possible about it. It’s inspiring to see so many good-hearted and caring people out there,” Carstens told ABC. “We were kind of in shock. We’ll sit up and we’ll read [the comments], and sometimes we’ll cry and smile. We are blessed.”

They plan on using the rest of the money to pay for Keane’s medical bills.

“Getting married is something he’s always wanted to do,” Carstens told the New York Daily News, adding “I feel blessed to be able to call him my husband, for however long that might be.”

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  • David

    May God bless them for their marriage. Both their hearts are in the right place.

  • bergwanderer

    What a kind and selfless woman you are, Morgan. Not many women your age would have the courage to get married on borrowed time knowing that in a very short while they will be a widow. And how fortunate Nolan is to have you by his side on this, his last journey. I hope you will have many good days left with each other before the inevitable will happen.


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