Jellyfish-Like UFO Photographed in Mexico City (Video)

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Created: June 24, 2011 Last Updated: February 14, 2012
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Close-Up Shots of Jellyfish-Like UFO

A translucent jellyfish-like UFO with a fiery, glowing tail was photographed “swimming” in the morning skies of Mexico City.

The object was photographed using a high-speed zoom lens in January 2009, and revealed in a video released by on June 17.

Jason McClellan, Open Minds photographer, captured the images from the rooftop of fellow photographer Arturo Robles Gil’s residence. Robles regularly sees mysterious UFOs such as these above Mexico City and invited McClellan’s team to document some evidence.

“My initial thought was, ‘This might be a weather balloon,’ but after only a couple of seconds, I was convinced otherwise,” says McClellan in the video.

“I can best describe the characteristics and movements of the object as jellyfish-like,” he adds. “The object was semi-see through, and it billowed and undulated as it moved.”

“The translucent object was swimming through the blue sky, changing both shape and color as it moved.”

McClellan notes that the object had “yellow and white pulsing colors” and conceded that they might have been due to reflection of the sunlight. However, he could not explain how the object kept morphing through red, green, and blue colors.

He said that the object looked like it had veins or seemed to have a biological membrane. “I believed I was watching a living creature, not a balloon or a rigid mechanical craft.”

McClelland said he remembers trembling with both adrenaline and disbelief at what he had just seen.

“To this day, I can only describe—but cannot fully explain—what I observed in the sky above Mexico City,” he concluded.

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  • Helen Parks

    In the hidden texts of Nostradamus
    the words MEDUSINE DEVICE described as RED is found in text lines which refer to those from Regulus


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