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NTD Business (Feb. 7): AI Search Engine War: Microsoft Versus Google; McCarthy Suggests ‘Responsible’ Debt Increase

Microsoft search engine Bing has integrated with AI technology. At the same time, Google is working hard on its own AI chatbot, Bard. Who will win the war for search engine dominance?

Ahead of President Joe Biden’s State of the Union Address Tuesday night, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy is calling on the president and Democrats to negotiate on cutting spending. He says raising the nation’s borrowing limit is possible, but it must be “responsible.”

Fed Chair Jerome Powell says it’s possible that interest rates could go higher than previously thought. Which markets will be affected the most if that happens? We talk with investment firm Oxbow Advisors.

Thousands more workers are being laid off. Zoom and Boeing are the latest companies to cut back ahead of a potential recession.

The control of Disney’s Florida theme parks is up in the air. Soon, it may lose its self-governing status, with the governor appointing board members instead.

Tickets for Beyonce’s tour are now on sale. We have tips on how to protect your money and avoid concert scams this year.

A charity in New Jersey is collecting donations to help survivors of the earthquake in Turkey and Syria. We hear from the charity’s CEO.

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