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September 3, 2020 Updated: September 7, 2020

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But reporting the facts as an independent media is not always easy. The world’s largest communist regime, the Chinese Communist Party, has done everything in its power to shut us down.

Over the past 20 years, our advertisers have been threatened by Chinese embassy officials in the United States, our newspaper boxes have been vandalized, and last year one of our printing presses in Hong Kong was set on fire.

And because of our investigative reporting on the CCP, as well as nonpartisan reporting on U.S. politics, other media in the United States have tried to smear us. As a result, we have lost advertisers as well as retail store locations, and Facebook has blocked our ability to advertise our newspaper.

But this adversity has also made us more determined to keep providing you, our readers, with the best independent news.

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Especially this year, a lot of news of significance is happening—whether it’s the CCP virus pandemic, the riots on the streets in cities across the United States, or the upcoming 2020 election. Now, independent news and information is more important than ever.

And beyond the news, we continue our commitment to promoting and upholding traditional values, in an effort to revive what’s good, and especially to help educate our younger generations about these timeless values.

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Jasper Fakkert
Editor-in-chief, U.S. editions

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