Young Woman Run Over by Cargo Truck, Crawls Out Unscathed Seconds Later

August 23, 2019 Updated: September 4, 2019

A woman miraculously survived being run over by a medium-sized truck, crawling out from under the vehicle just seconds after it hit her moped and rolled on top of her, according to Chinese online news outlet The Beijing News.

The traffic accident happened in Yangzhou City in China’s Jiangsu Province on the morning of Aug. 21. Traffic cameras captured the collision at an intersection that morning.

Incredible Near Miss

Recorded footage shows a red, medium sized freight truck pulling into the intersection, driving straight through what is likely a green light. The woman, wearing a white windbreaker, pulls into the intersection ahead of the truck, while she makes a left hand turn.

The intersection may have been giving a green light for the truck, as other cars are also proceeding through the intersection. However, some smaller vehicles on the frontage road are stopped, which are likely waiting for the left turn. Therefore, the woman on the moped may have run a red light.

Frontage roads are common in China, and they are dedicated to non-engine vehicles, including bicycles and electric mopeds.

As the woman turns out into the intersection, she drives right in front of the red truck. As soon as the front of the truck hits her, the moped falls under the truck, and she hits the pavement right after it.

She rolls once and curls up into a fetal position as the truck covers her body, the front right wheel nearly crushing her feet.

Just one second later, the truck comes to a full stop.

As the truck stops in the middle of the intersection, cars begin to move around it, then without warning, the woman walks out from the far side of the truck, completely unscathed.

She looks around for a moment, then walks over to the driver’s side of the cab, and knocks once on the door, looking up at the driver. The driver then opens the door.

The report suggested that police are investigating the matter, but did not give details.