You Belong to the World’s Rarest Personality Type If You Have These 10 Qualities

July 1, 2019 Updated: July 2, 2019

Have you ever felt a little, well … different? It might be because you’re an INFJ. We promise it’s not as perplexing as it sounds. The acronym actually stands for “introversion, intuition, feeling, and judgment,” and it may just be the most unique personality combination on the planet.

The INFJ type is one of several different personality types according to the Myers & Briggs Foundation. The two psychologists of the same names developed their system based on four categories: extroversion and introversion, intuition and sensing, thinking and feeling, and perceiving and judging.

Can you already see yourself in those categories? To aid you in your search for one of these rare finds, here are 10 qualities to look out for in an INFJ. Maybe you know one, and if you do, you’re lucky. An INFJ is a keeper!

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1. They love to write

INFJs are often quiet types, preferring the written word over real-life conversations. They love the opportunity to express their innate creativity.

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2. They are chronic overthinkers

An INFJ will analyze a thought, a problem, or a social situation to death. They often want an idea to be perfect before they articulate it, but it’s actually not so easy for an INFJ to put their thoughts into words.

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3. They have an “all-or-nothing” attitude

INFJs will not settle. They are flighty, and if they cannot be the best at something, then they won’t even try in the first place. Infuriating!

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4. They are often loners

This personality type has no qualms about going to a coffee shop, theater, or park alone to read a book. However, don’t assume they are lonely. They are well connected with their inner selves and are actually incredibly versatile people who can fit in pretty much anywhere, with anyone.

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5. They are emotionally intelligent

The INFJs of the world are extraordinary empaths. Caring, kind, and generous, they often help humanitarian causes and are excellent listeners. An INFJ is a sensitive soul, and thus is also fantastic at reading and understanding people.

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6. They choose their friends carefully

INFJs value their privacy. “They would much rather be alone than surrounded by bad company,” says Higher Perspective, and it’s true. We are dealing with a person with very high standards, here!

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7. They trust their gut

Don’t think you’ll get anything past an INFJ; their intuition is second to none. They will always listen to their gut instincts and are keenly attached to the goings-on in their own lives.

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8. They know how to work hard

Find a lazy INFJ and we’ll give you $100! Only kidding, but you really would be hard pushed to find one. INFJs are goal-oriented and have their eyes on the prize. They are also excellent problem solvers and are right most of the time, too. (Again, infuriating.)

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9. They think about the future

Sensitive, philosophical INFJs don’t care for trivialities, preferring to indulge in “bigger-picture” thinking. They are fascinated by the cosmos and the great unknown, and ask big questions without being daunted by ambiguous answers.

If you know an INFJ, then you’re signing up for some deep, deep conversations.

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10. They are a wandering mass of contradictions

If we’ve learned anything about this personality type, then it’s that INFJs are hugely contradictory! From upbeat and social to dark and introspective, and from struggling to put thoughts into words to asking life’s biggest questions, an INFJ can be hard to follow.

But surely that’s part of what makes them so wonderful. What do you think; are you an INFJ? Do you know one? Quiz your friends!