You Are Never Too Old to Learn

With the creation of the computer, the way we do business has changed over time. The movement began slowly at first. Today, nearly all of us use computers in our day to day lives either personally or professionally. Most businesses rely on computers for invoicing, ordering goods, maintaining employee information and handling payroll to name a few functions. In this ever changing field of technology, what we are using one day can be gone the next and replaced by something else.

Staying on Top of Technology

During the horse and buggy days of our nation, there were dozens of buggy whip manufacturers. As other forms of transportation slowly replaced the horse and buggy, the buggy whip manufacturers began to close up shop until only one remained. That company was the very best at making buggy whips, which is why they lasted as long as they did. Unfortunately, it does no good to be the best buggy whip maker if no one is using them anymore.

The same is true of your job skills. Very few secretaries still go into their boss’s office with a pen and a steno pad to take dictation. As technology gives us newer, faster ways to accomplish our duties, we must adapt and learn that new technology.

Valuable Assets

A well-trained, highly efficient employee is a company’s most valuable asset. What counts as well-trained and highly efficient today may not be seen as such in five or ten years, though. If an employee stubbornly clings to doing things “the old way” because “that’s how we’ve always done it,” he may find himself not only unemployed but unemployable. Employers want smart people who are willing to flex and change as the demands of the business world change.

How To Stay Relevant in Today’s Job Market

The best way to stay marketable to employers or to retain your job is to stay abreast of changes in your field. For many, staying current with changes in the software and hardware used to do your job is the key to staying in demand and being employed. According to Computer Power, this may mean taking some classes at the local college from time to time or taking some online classes to keep up with those changes.

Learning is what keeps our minds strong and alert. Learning skills that help us in our work makes us valuable to our employers and instills a sense of confidence and self-worth.