Yellowstone Volcano Eruption: BBC ‘Docufiction’ Film About Supervolcano Eruption (+Video)

With lots of talk still going on about a potential Yellowstone volcano eruption, a BBC “docufiction” movie about what would happen if the supervolcano were to erupt in our lifetime is being circulated among some blogs.

The film, which is a combination of documentary and fiction, focuses on what would happen if the caldera in Yellowstone National Park erupted.

In the movie, scientists are aware that the volcano will erupt but believe that it will be a small eruption. It turns out to be very big, killing hundreds of thousands of people.

The film ends with about 75 percent of the United States covered in volcanic ash.

Despite the fact that the film originally aired on March 13, 20015 and was released less then a month later, it’s termed as a “newly released movie” by notorious blogging website Before It’s News, prompting circulation onto other websites.

The latest round of theories about an impending eruption started with a relatively strong earthquake near the park.

There were also several videos posted on YouTube that were claimed to show animals fleeing the park as “an alert” to people.

Officials who scrutinized the videos later said that what they showed were normal and that the animals were not aware of the earthquake nor an impending eruption.

A park spokesman even said that the bison seen in one of the videos are actually running toward the park’s interior and the volcano.

There were also claims that the United States has a contingency deal in place in case an eruption does happen.

The last major eruption is thought to have happened around 640,000 years ago and sent ash across the entire North America.

Two other eruptions happened, one 2.1 million years ago, and the other 1.3 million years ago. One theory is that eruptions happen every 700,000 years ago, but Bob Smith of the University of Utah said previously that more data is needed to back that theory up.


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