WWE 2K15 Roster, Gameplay Trailer: Edge Could Feature; MyCareer Invasion Mode Will be Game Changer

October 4, 2014 Updated: October 6, 2014

Edge could make an appearance in WWE 2K15, and Invasion mode is looking like a potential winner. 

In a Twitter exchange with fans, one fan congratulated Edge for being in the upcoming 2K Sports game, to which Edge replied: “Didn’t know I was in it. Thanks.” 

2K hasn’t announced the full roster yet, so Edge could very well find his way into the game. However, with the game set to come out soon, chances of Edge making an appearance are slim. 

In other news, details of WWE 2K15’s MyCareer mode have surfaced. 

According to Bleacher Report, players will get to “create a Superstar and have a chance to impress Bill DeMott, the head trainer at the WWE Performance Center.” 

“You’ll battle fictional wrestlers, and if you’re impressive, you’ll be promoted to NXT.” I

“If things go well there, you’ll graduate to the main WWE roster. There you’ll have a chance to upgrade your Superstar, pick a manager, win titles, headline pay-per-view events and perhaps become a Hall of Famer.”

One new feature in MyCareer mode is Career Invasion, where you get to import up to five of your friend’s created Superstars into your career. 

These characters could show up any time to either befriend or start a feud with you. This adds “a bit of spontaneity and suspense to the experience.” 

Check out the current Superstar roster list below. More Superstars will be announced in the coming weeks. 

– AJ Lee

– Alberto Del Rio

– Bad News Barrett

– Batista

– Big E

– Big Show

– Booker T

– Bray Wyatt

– Brie Bella

– Brock Lesnar

– Cameron

– Cesaro

– Chris Jericho

– CM Punk

– Cody Rhodes

– Curtis Axel

– Damien Sandow

– Daniel Bryan

– Darren Young

– Dean Ambrose

– Dolph Ziggler

– Erick Rowan

– Fandango

– Goldust

– Hulk Hogan

– Jack Swagger

– Jey Uso

– Jimmy Uso

– John Cena

– Justin Gabriel

– Kane

– Kevin Nash

– Kofi Kingston

– Luke Harper

– Mark Henry

– Naomi

– Natalya

– Nikki Bella

– R-Truth

– Randy Orton

– Rey Mysterio

– Ric Flair

– Rob Van Dam

– Roman Reigns

– Ryback

– Santino Marella

– Seth Rollins

– Shawn Michaels

– Sheamus

– “Stone Cold” Steve Austin

– Sting

– Summer Rae

– Tamina

– The Miz

– The Rock

– The Undertaker

– Titus O’Neil

– Triple H

– Tyson Kidd

– Xavier Woods