World’s Biggest BBQ on 18 Wheels Can Cook 8,000lbs of Meat, Offers Relief to First Responders

March 24, 2020 Updated: March 24, 2020

A man in Texas owns the biggest mobile BBQ pit in the world. The “Undisputable Cuz” weighs 40 tons and has the capacity to cook between 8,000 and 12,000 pounds (approx. 3,629 and 5,443 kg) of meat (that’s 4 tons). In a bid to give back, the owner regularly offers it for charitable purposes within the state.

Terry Folsom, from Brenham, Texas, acquired his 18-wheel mobile BBQ a few years ago in a business transaction in 1997, he told USA Today. The mammoth 75-foot-long cooking unit is the largest in the world and is attached to a Peterbilt model truck.

“It has 24 doors—12 on this side, 12 on the other,” he explained.

World's largest BBQ rolls into Galveston for Thanksgiving.

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It took six months for the original builder to create the entire unit, Folsom says. “In the middle towards the end, there is a propane fajita grill. There also is a generator that’s down here underneath. It controls the cooler and all the TV equipment and stuff,” Folsom’s wife and truck co-owner, Kim, added per ABC 13.

Just moving the unit up and down the road requires escorts and special permits, while hauling the unit longer distances is no easy task. “It is costly to move it,” Kim said, per Country Rebel. “We have to have special escorts because it is overweight and over length. To move it out of our driveway alone, we have to have people block traffic.”

In 2015, the pair tried to sell the “Undisputable Cuz” for $350,000. They hoped that someone would just pass by on the highway and offer them a check for the rig. “Get me a certified check and bring it on over here and give it to me they’ll own it,” Folsom said. “I’ll take it right where they’ll need it.”

"Undisputable Cuz," the world's largest barbecue pit, stretches 76 feet in length and weighs a whopping 40 tons. Owner…

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The rig was never sold, however, and it has been put to good use nonetheless. In 2017, it helped feed over 50,000 people during the devastation of Hurricane Harvey. Folsom also regularly offers it for events held by Houston charities such as Texas Children’s hospital. “It’s rewarding to see people happy,” he said in a 2020 interview with KSAT. “It’s not an ego thing.”

In February 2020, the rig was featured in an episode of “Ridiculous Rides” on YouTube channel Barcroft Cars, where the owners, along with several chefs, served up some smokey BBQ for the local first responders. Now that is undoubtedly a great way of giving back to the community.

Watch the video:

The video showing the Undisputable Cuz in action went viral garnering over 85,000 views, and several YouTube viewers took to the comments section to express their admiration and amazement for the massive Texan barbecue pit.

One comment read, “Man, I’m dying for some BBQ now. Looks amazing.”

While another jokingly noted, “This is why I will never be a vegan.” Meanwhile, many more expressed their desire to see the impressive rig in action for themselves.