AIBA Launches Independent Probe Into Jordanian Boxer’s Death

AIBA Launches Independent Probe Into Jordanian Boxer’s Death
A picture taken on May 24, 2019, shows the Jordanian flag fluttering in front of the Nabataean Monastery (Ad Deir) in Jordan's ancient city of Petra. (Photo credit should read THOMAS COEX/AFP via Getty Images)

The International Boxing Association has initiated an independent investigation into the death of teenage Jordanian boxer Rashed Al-Swaisat, who died last month after sustaining a head injury at the world youth championships in Poland.

The 19-year-old was taken to hospital where he underwent emergency brain surgery after collapsing during the third round of his under-81 kg contest with Estonia’s Anton Winogradow.

After over a week he died in the hospital.

Vincent Gremeaux, the head of the Centre for Sport Medicine of the Lausanne University Hospital, will lead the probe, the world governing body said in a statement on Thursday.

“I am pleased to provide my support to AIBA in this matter,” Gremeaux said.

“My specific tasks as an independent expert are to help clarifying the exact course of events that led to the boxer’s death and to review the protocols and treatments that were followed and administered on the occasion of this accident.”

He will review the circumstances of Al-Swaisat’s participation in the competition, his past medical history, his injury, treatment, and the protocols followed on that occasion.

“AIBA is determined to ensure that we learn every possible lesson from Rashed’s tragic death,” AIBA President Umar Kremlev said.

“Boxing has made huge progress in terms of safety and we are fortunate that such injuries are extremely rare in our sport.”

By Sudipto Ganguly