Aussies to Enjoy Iconic Lobster Delicacy at Half Price This Christmas

Aussies to Enjoy Iconic Lobster Delicacy at Half Price This Christmas
Aussies can soon enjoy for half price Western Rock Lobsters, the most valuable commercial species in Australia. (ShenXin/Pixabay)
Jessie Zhang

Australians will be able to score luxury points at the Christmas table this year, with Australia’s premium wild-caught rock lobsters being sold at record low prices from this weekend.

Coles and Woolworths are both offering Western Australian Rock Lobsters for $20 each, half the price they were last December.

Woolworths Head of Meat and Seafood, Tim Dudding, dubbed Australians' support in buying the crustaceans a “win-win partnership.”

“Purchasing more rock lobsters this year will give WA producers an avenue to move more volume into the domestic market which would have traditionally been exported,” Dudding said in a media release.
Sydney Fish Markets is offering lobsters for $80 to $100 per kilogram, down from the usual $120 per kilogram. Medium prawns are expected to be sold for $26 to $29 per kilogram, $16 to $20 per dozen. Aldi confirmed its lobsters are sourced from Canada.

As Beijing continues its trade hostilities against Australia, cheaper seafood is the silver lining for Australians after many fishing families faced heavy disruptions by export restrictions.

Last month, tonnes of Australian lobsters were left on the tarmac at a Chinese airport.

Australia's relationship with China has been under immense strain in recent months, sparked by Canberra calling for an inquiry into the origins of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus, commonly known as novel coronavirus.

Consequently, the Australian lobster industry is the latest in a growing line of trade casualties, which have so far targetted the beef, barley, and timber industries.

 Lobster benedict brunch. (Pixabay)
Lobster benedict brunch. (Pixabay)

Australians looking for ways to include lobsters on their Christmas spread can try creamy lobster spaghetti, a lobster salad with coconut coriander dressing, or freshly cooked lobsters with coconut, lime, and lemongrass dressing.

Marine Stewardship Council Program Director of Oceania, Anne Gabriel, said choosing to enjoy a lobster-filled Christmas will help fishing communities brace for impact.

“By stocking Western Australian rock lobster this Christmas, Coles has really thrown a lifeline to the Western Australian fishing community and are demonstrating further support for sustainable fishing practices,” she said in a media release.