Women can Benefit from Kickboxing

While many women are looking for workouts that are designed just for women, others are looking for more of a challenge. For instance, one of the most popular workouts for women these days is a kickboxing workout. There are many gyms where women can get kickboxing training, and they can use their workouts for weight loss and staying in shape, or take it a step further and actually start competing in matches. Women who do these workouts find that there are a number of benefits, including:

  • Feel Less Stressed – Everyone handles stress differently. While some people feel the need to have a drink or a cigarette when they are stressed, others work out to blow off steam. Physical activity can be one of the best ways to release stress, and kickboxing is one of the best stress-busting workouts you can do, and you can also get rid of a lot of aggression. After all, how many chances do you get to be able to beat something up and not get in trouble for it? In addition to de-stressing, kickboxing will help you to have better mental clarity, and you will sleep better at night.

  • Improved Confidence – As you get into better shape through your kickboxing workouts, you are going to have more self-confidence. You will see your body looking better and better, and you will feel more beautiful and sexy. Plus, you will have the confidence to spar with others, and you will know that you look good while you are sparring. You can get into kickboxing classes at Ronin Athletics kickboxing.

  • Burning Fat – If you are looking for a workout that is going to melt a lot of fat, and do it quickly, kickboxing is a great option. It is a combination of martial arts and cardio fitness, and every workout is high-energy. You can burn up to 750 calories per hour through kickboxing, and if you add other exercises you can burn even more calories. This is one of the most effective workouts for burning fat, in particular belly fat that can be hard to get rid of with other types of exercises.

  • Self Defense – Every woman should learn basic self defense. When you are doing kickboxing to get into better shape, you will learn self defense moves that could save your life someday. You will learn what the exercises are, why you are learning them, and how they are used for self defense. You will be able to protect yourself in most situations, not only because you have the skills, but also because those skills have given you the confidence to be able take care of yourself, even if you are in dangerous situations. You will have learned self defense, and know what each move you practice can do to an attacker.

  • Muscle Tone – When you want a workout that is going to tone all of your muscles, kickboxing is it. This workout works all of the muscles in the body, so they are all going to be more toned and defined. When you use kickboxing pads, you can burn even more calories and tone up the core muscles. In addition to toning, when you work your core muscles, you are going to end up improving your coordination. Kickboxing workouts also help to improve your reflexes, and you will be a lot more flexible.

  • Be involved with a group – When you work out with others in a group, you are going to release more endorphins. These are chemicals that make us feel good. Group exercises are great for this, for a number of reasons. For one thing, you get to work with others for encouragement. They will help you meet your fitness goals.

Image Source: Sibok M. Patenaude