Woman Shocked After Discovery Made When Visiting Mom’s Grave on Mother`s Day

May 21, 2018 Updated: May 21, 2018

A Tennessee woman was stunned when she went to visit her mother’s grave on Mother’s Day only to find the headstone had vanished.

Precious Goldsmith said that her mother was buried at Shelby County Cemetery seven years ago and her grave has had a headstone for that entire time.

But when Goldsmith went to the grave this past weekend for Mother’s Day, the headstone had disappeared.

“She was here. You can actually see the crease of it, and see how my whole finger can fit through there,” Goldsmith told WREG. “You know people steal headstones and then flip it over and re-engrave them.”

“It kind of defeats the purpose of coming out here. It makes me made to come out here, because I don’t even know who I’m grieving or talking to,” Goldsmith added.

The cemetery is known for allowing people to bury their loved ones for free, but others who have family members buried there admit that due to that allowance, the conditions aren’t always ideal.

Mark Seay, who is in charge of the cemetery, told WREG that what may have happened is that the headstone for the grave was covered by grass and dirt placed there by mowers and the rain.

Seay noted that headstones are currently prohibited but ones that are in the ground are allowed to stay. The graves are marked by numbers and he was able to find the number of Goldsmith’s mother’s grave.

Workers at the cemetery have offered to show Goldsmith where the marker number was found.


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