Woman Found Alive Six Days after Husband Shot her in the Head

December 15, 2017 Updated: December 15, 2017

A Nebraska sheriff’s deputy found a woman in her basement six days after her husband reportedly shot her in the head, KMBC reported.

Sarpy County sheriff’s deputies went to check on Cheri and Karl Langill after a friend concerned for their well-being called the police, Omaha World-Herald reported.

The first deputy to arrive at the home immediately sensed that something was wrong and forced his way into the home. He announced that he entered the house and Cheri Langill, 67, screamed for help in response.

The deputy went down into the basement and found the woman with a bullet wound in her head. Langill told investigators that her husband shot her once in the head when the couple had a domestic dispute.

Cheri Langill (Facebook)

Sarpy County Chief Deputy Sheriff Greg London told World-Herald that he wasn’t sure why the deputy decided to break in.

“The deputy realized that this was not your typical ‘check well-being’ call,” London told World-Herald.

The woman told the deputy she did not know where her husband was. The deputy then searched the house and found Karl Langill, 68, in the garage. The man died of carbon monoxide poisoning, according to a preliminary autopsy.

Karl and Cheri Langill (Facebook)

Investigators believe that Karl Langill shot Cheri Langill in the head with a .22-caliber pistol on Dec. 7. Investigators found the weapon inside the home.

Cheri Langill stayed in the basement because she was afraid that her husband would be upstairs, according to London. She had food and fluids downstairs, but no access to a phone.

The sheriff also said that the woman had a broken ankle, but it is unclear how.

“She doesn’t know how she broke it,” London said.

Karl and Cheri Langill (Facebook)

Cheri Langill was being treated at the Nebraska Medical Center on Thursday. The woman was listed in good condition and talking, according to the sheriff.

“Considering she got shot in the head,” London said, “I think she’s in pretty decent shape.”

Deputies who reviewed the incident were puzzled how Cheri Langill survived the gunshot to the head and carbon monoxide poisoning.

“It was an extremely unusual call,” the sheriff said.

Cheri Langill’s friend Trudie Lemon was shocked to hear the news.

“Just a little overwhelmed,” Trudie Lemon told KMBC. “Devastating, devastating. Words can’t explain how I feel right now. Very sad.”

Lemon worked with Langill at a local thrift store.

Epoch Times Photo
Stephen Center Thrift Store. (Screenshot via Google Maps)

“She had a big heart, very big heart. When it came to people in need, she was always there. Always,” Lemon said. “This, I would have never guessed would have happened. You know, she was a real good woman.”

When Lemon learned about Langill’s survival, she thought about her friend’s faith.

“I knew she had that God in her. Because I think that’s what kept her going. He wasn’t ready to take her yet,” Lemon said.

Cheri Langill worked at the University of Nebraska Medical Center for more than 30 years before retiring in 2013, according to her Facebook page. She attended the Holy Name High School in Omaha and graduated in 1968.

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