Windows 9 ‘Threshold’ Beta Release Date, Rumors: Public Beta May Contain Easier Update Feature

Updating from one Windows build to the other will likely be much easier come Windows 9.

Microsoft is expected to release a Windows 9 “Threshold” beta for the public on September 30, and Neowin details a new feature that will make updating from one build to another a breeze.

Current internal builds of Windows 9 have a feature in the Windows Update application that allows users to update from one build to another with just a click of a button.

Updating from one build to another can be quite a hassle, as users might have to reinstall their current OS version before reinstalling the new one.

While Neowin states that the feature is built into internal releases of the Windows Technical Preview, “the feature is fully built out, meaning that it is integrated into the UI and it is a native part of Windows.”

This means that the public beta of Windows 9 should feature this convenient updating function.

Another perk of this new feature is that Microsoft can quickly push out patches for users without fearing that it will inconvenience users, and hence make for a better end-user experience.

However, whether the feature will make it into the final version of Windows 9 is still very much in the realm of speculation, and Microsoft could still pull the feature in future.