Windows 9 Release Date and Beta: Is Microsoft’s Rebranding of the Upcoming Windows Products Potentially Confusing?

September 9, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

Microsoft could be planning to rebrand its Windows products, but it could potentially cause confusion.

Recently, it was rumored that Microsoft intends to call the Windows Phone, Windows RT, and even the upcoming Windows 9 just straight-up “Windows.”

The idea behind this rebranding is that Microsoft intends to live up to its “one experience for everything in your life” for its devices, and with the company already simplifying, synchronizing and converging the various Windows systems, it would make sense to just call all its software products “Windows.”

However, Softpedia suspects that if Microsoft does follow through with its rebranding, instead of making things easier, it could achieve the exact opposite result.

“Just think of this,” Softpedia writes.

“Someone not too tech-savvy sees a commercial for a Windows RT tablet that’s powered by what Microsoft calls ‘Windows.’

“Since it’s Windows, it should run all desktop applications, just like his computer.

“He, of course, goes to his closest store, buys a Windows RT tablet running ‘Windows’ and then discovers that it’s actually a tablet-oriented version of the operating system that only sticks to the touch-optimized Modern UI.

“The outcome could easily be predicted. Buyers will get more confused, criticism will again come from everywhere and Microsoft would again have to deal with frustrated customers.”

Microsoft is expected to launch its latest Windows 9, or Windows Threshold, preview on September 30, so we will know by then if the tech giant really does decide to go ahead and rebrand its products.