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Why Wall Street’s Love Affair With Beijing Is Sparking Concerns

This special report on Epoch TV delves into Wall Street’s love affair with the Chinese regime.

The two’s relationship is no secret, but it’s becoming more of a concern. That’s because their interests are increasingly going against those of the American people—and it’s got U.S. officials openly talking.

U.S. National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said earlier this year, “Our priority is not to get access for Goldman Sachs in China. Our priority is to make sure that we are dealing with China’s trade abuses that are harming American jobs.”

As Beijing’s autocratic regime furthers its goal to replace the United States as the world’s leader, it begs the question: Do we really want big banks to get even more involved with the Chinese regime?

It could end with them funneling more American investors’ money—your money—into communist China, all while boosting their economy, funding their military, and facilitating their human rights abuses. That’s on top of the fact that some of these are passive investments that most Americans don’t even know about.

In this special report, we explore how exactly Wall Street funnels money into China, what the magnitude of the wealth transfer is, and the regime’s unsettling ultimate purpose for buddying up with Wall Street.

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