Why Are NVIDIA Shares Trading Higher Premarket Today?

By Benzinga
November 9, 2021 Updated: November 10, 2021

NVIDIA Corp announced NVIDIA Quantum-2, the next generation of its InfiniBand networking platform, which offers the extreme performance, broad accessibility, and strong security needed by cloud computing providers and supercomputing centers at the GTC 2021 event.

The NVIDIA Quantum-2 is a 400Gbps InfiniBand networking platform that consists of the NVIDIA Quantum-2 switch, the ConnectX-7 network adapter, the BlueField-3 data processing unit (DPU), and all the software that supports the new architecture.

NVIDIA permitted global enterprises to develop and deploy large language models (LLM) by enabling them to build their domain-specific chatbots, personal assistants, and other AI applications that understand language with unprecedented levels of subtlety and nuance.

NVIDIA showcased the NVIDIA NeMo Megatron framework for training language models with trillions of parameters. The Megatron 530B customizable LLM can train for new domains and languages. The NVIDIA Triton Inference Server with multi-GPU, multinode distributed inference functionality.

NVIDIA also announced significant updates to its AI inference platform. The updates include new capabilities in the open-source NVIDIA Triton Inference Server software, which provides cross-platform inference on all AI models and frameworks, and NVIDIA TensorRT, which optimizes AI models and provides a runtime for high-performance inference on NVIDIA GPUs.

The company also introduced the NVIDIA A2 Tensor Core GPU, a low-power, small-footprint accelerator for AI inference at the edge that offers up to 20x more inference performance than CPUs.

NVIDIA announced NVIDIA Omniverse Avatar, a technology platform for generating interactive AI avatars.

Omniverse Avatar connects the company’s technologies in speech AI, computer vision, natural language understanding, recommendation engines, and simulation technologies. Omniverse Avatar is part of NVIDIA Omniverse, a virtual world simulation and collaboration platform for 3D workflows currently in open beta with over 70,000 users.

NVIDIA introduced NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin, the world’s most diminutive, most potent, and energy-efficient AI supercomputer for robotics, autonomous machines, medical devices, and other embedded computing forms edge.

Built on the NVIDIA Ampere architecture, Jetson AGX Orin provides 6x the processing power and maintains form factor and pin compatibility with its predecessor, Jetson AGX Xavier. It delivers 200 trillion operations per second.

The new Jetson computer accelerates the full NVIDIA AI software stack, allowing developers to deploy the most significant, most complex models needed to solve edge AI and robotics challenges in natural language understanding, 3D perception, multisensor fusion.

NVIDIA announced NVIDIA Omniverse Replicator, a powerful synthetic-data-generation engine that produces physically simulated synthetic data for training deep neural networks.

NVIDIA introduced two applications for generating synthetic data: NVIDIA DRIVE Sim, a virtual world for hosting the digital twin of autonomous vehicles, and for NVIDIA Isaac Sim, a virtual world for the digital twin of manipulation robots. These two replicators allow developers to bootstrap AI models, fill real-world data gaps, and label the ground truth in ways humans cannot. Data generated in these virtual worlds can cover diverse scenarios.

Autonomous vehicles and robots built using this data can master skills across various virtual environments before applying them in the physical world.

Price Action

NVDA shares traded higher by 0.48 percent at $306.57 in the premarket session on the last check Tuesday.

By Anusuya Lahiri 

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