Who Comes First…Your Partner, or Your Pet?

September 3, 2014 Updated: April 23, 2016

It’s not uncommon for people to love their pets, but sometimes they love their pets just a bit too much. It is then that they start to pay more attention to their pets than they do their romantic partners. Of course, many people love the fact that their partner is kind and loving enough to love animals. But, they also want to know that they are going to always come first, and not have to take a back seat to their partners’ pets.

Even though they do love animals, there are people who when creating their singles ads that add, “Must not have dog or cat”. This is because they want their potential romantic partners to put them above everything else, including their beloved pets. In other words, they want to be number one in their partners’ lives, and they don’t want anything to get in the way of that, especially another living, breathing creature that could end up receiving more love and attention than they do.

The problem lies when people love their pets so much that they end up loving them more than they do any humans. They can’t completely give of themselves to another human being, because their pets are so important to them. They take care of their pets’ needs before anyone else’s. They think about their pets constantly, often to the point of being so distracted by their thoughts that they can’t enjoy what they are doing. Many pet owners can’t even go away on vacation without constantly thinking about their pets, and they aren’t able to give their romantic partners the attention they deserve because their hearts and minds just aren’t into what they are doing.

It’s bad enough when one has to compete with others of the same sex. But, when they have to compete with pets for attention, there is definitely something wrong. In many cases, people just walk away, because the competition just isn’t worth it for them. This is why so many people look for partners who do not have pets. They screen people, avoiding those who they know are pet parents. But, is this the right thing to do? After all, if one is able to love a pet unconditionally, it says a lot about their character, and their capacity for love.

Some people may even think that it seems selfish for one to want to be the center of attention, and not play second fiddle to a pet. But, when you think about it, everyone wants to feel like they are adored. In new relationships, it is only normal to want to be treated like you are number one. While it isn’t always the case, many people feel that they are not going to be number on if there is also a pet in the relationship.

For those who want to be the center of their partners’ attention, there is something else to consider: children. Just think about all of the parents you know, and what they would say when asked who the most important people in their lives are. Likely, they are going to first say their children, followed by their partners. Obviously, there is a huge difference between pets and children, but there are some similarities. In fact, many people will refuse to date people who have children, because they know that they will never be number one on those people’s lives.

If you want your needs to come first, it may be a good idea to do a lot of selective screening with your dating profiles. But, if you love pets yourself, you are likely to choose someone who is also an animal lover. What do you think? Visit MillionaireMatch’s survey and share your opinion.

Image Source: Ted Fu