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Whistleblower Reveals How China Threatened to Make Her ‘Disappear’ for Discussing Virus Origin

The Chinese regime has been threatening Chinese defectors on American soil who’ve been exposing details on COVID-19. One of those individuals is Dr. Li-Meng Yan. She was a virologist in Hong Kong who defected to the United States and began exposing the virus research taking place in Chinese laboratories, connected to its military, the People’s Liberation Army (PLA). To learn more about this and her research, we had the pleasure of sitting down for a discussion with Dr. Li-Meng Yan.

This is a rush transcript of this episode of Crossroads and may be subject to updates.

Joshua Philipp: The Chinese Communist Party has been threatening Chinese defectors on American soil, specifically individuals who’ve been exposing the origins of these SARS-CoV-2 virus, COVID-19. One of these individuals has Dr. Li-Meng Yan. She was a virologist in Hong Kong who defected to the United States. And she has other information as well, including about Chinese military biological warfare programs. It’s great having her on today to talk about this. Dr. Li-Meng Yan, thanks for being on Crossroads.

Dr. Li-Meng Yan: Thank you, Joshua. Thank you for having me.

Joshua Philipp: So let’s jump into a bit of what’s happening right now. Of course, you were one of the big whistle blowers to come out from China. You’re a Chinese virologist. You escaped China, you came to the west, you started talking about the origin of the virus. Now, I’ve seen some articles saying that you’ve been threatened by the Chinese communist party after doing so? Can you tell us what’s been happening?

Dr. Li-Meng Yan: Oh, I have got these kind of threats since the first day my supervisor, who’s a WHO expert, Dr. Leo Poon, at the University of Hong Kong asked me contact the confidential investigation about the novel virus that came out in Wuhan. That was 31st, December 2019. And he kept telling me that, be silent and don’t cross the red line, if not, I will get disappeared. And also, the life threat happened since the Chinese Communist Party realized that I will escape from Hong Kong. And also, of course, after I got to America, I always receive such threats. And also, they exposed my passport, they exposed my address, and they claimed online that they will make me disappear in America.

Joshua Philipp: They’ll make you disappear in America? They send this?

Dr. Li-Meng Yan: Yes, they are the CCP agents and their partners. They claimed online, on social media, and their live broadcast, and then also do some so-called protest. And then they claim to kick me out of America. And they said, as a code, for example, kidnap me. And the day I wake up overnight, I will realize I have come back to Hong Kong. Or just let me disappear, or kill you. Not let me live in the world again like this.

Joshua Philipp: And for a lot of us, it may seem farfetched that the Chinese communist party would threaten people on American soil. But we do know that the CCP had what they called Operation Fox Hunt, where they were abducting people. The Ministry of State Security was abducting people, threatening to kill people, or encouraging them to kill themselves, even on American soil. And so they do have a history of this. Do you know which group in China was threatening this, or how they were saying they were going to do it? Can you give us more details on what happened?

Dr. Li-Meng Yan: Oh, I mean, usually we don’t need to identify which group, because in China, all these kind of groups, no matter, they are a well trained CCP agent in America, or they are the ones sent from mainland China to America to conduct the task, or they are someone they just recruited as a killer. All of this worked for the Chinese Communist Party government and the requests that come out from the central government. And for the people they are hunting are the people they think dangerous for the stabilization of the Chinese Communist Party region. So of course, for me, now I’m revealing the truth of the COVID-19 as an unrestricted weapon released by the Chinese Communist Party government. And then they cover up, they caused the pandemic, and also, they get the benefit from this pandemic. The Chinese government want me to disappear forever. Of course.

Joshua Philipp: And I want to dig into all this and kind of go more in depth on this. But let’s just talk briefly about your story. You escaped from China. You were a virologist in China, you were working with other Chinese scientists on viruses, very much like the one we’re seeing now. Can you tell us about some of the research you’re doing in China and what made you want to defect?

Dr. Li-Meng Yan: So I worked at the University of Hong Kong, School of Public Health, before I came to America, for five years. And I worked in the WHO H5 reference lab. That lab is also the National Laboratory for the Emerging Infectious Disease for Chinese government. So this lab, actually, is a top lab for the emerging infectious disease, especially coronavirus, in the world. And it has its responsibility to monitor the infectious diseases happening in the area, including mainland China, and also to help the World Health Organization to research potential outbreak in the pandemic. And my work involved, because I was a medical doctor and also I have a PhD, so my work actually involved the study of influenza virus and universal influenza vaccine development. And also later on, the SARS-CoV-2. And during the SARS-CoV-2 outbreak from January to April before I came to America 2020, I have two publications on the top medical journals, including Lancet Infectious Disease and Nature about the SAR-CoV-2 virus, animal model, and also the human clinical situation.

Joshua Philipp: Now, what was it that you saw within these reports and information you were seeing? I mean, you were investigating COVID-19, the virus now spreading and mutating all around the world. You were investigating this. What was it that set off the alarm bells for you?

Dr. Li-Meng Yan: Firsthand, the intelligence I collected since I started this confidential investigation from 31st December 2019. Actually, I got it from including the China CDC Headquarters office and also the local government, local hospitals and laboratories involving military and civilian scientists. So all these things show that Chinese government, first, they have known the genome sequence of this virus in December 2019. And also they know this is human to human transmission. They know this is a very dangerous emerging infectious disease. However, they let it happened in Wuhan. And also, later on, when I examined the sequence, I realized that the reason the Chinese government doesn’t want outside to know the outbreak in Wuhan is because this is actually the virus that come from the military labs. And after gain of function, modification, works as a novel bio weapon to target human. And the Chinese government doesn’t want people to know this, because, later on, you see that they manage to let this spread all over the world to become the pandemic.

And to achieve this goal, they also made up a lot of evidence. For example, they deny that the virus is dangerous, and they just tell you, there is no human to human transmission. They tell you, this is like the flu. You don’t need to isolate people. And also, they keep telling that this comes from nature. And all the scientists under the control of the Chinese Communist Party work together to make up such evidence to cheat people. So this is very huge scientific misinformation crime too.

Joshua Philipp: Well, and of course, you are a virologist. You were specifically researching these types of viruses. And so your assessment based on what you saw, that that was, of course, your concern. Explain to us then this whole gain of function element with this. You believe that the gain of function element, I guess, things you’ve seen worked on in China at these laboratories, matches what you’re seeing with COVID-19, is this accurate?

Dr. Li-Meng Yan: Yes. So basically this kind of gain of function change for us to examine. It’s more like you can consider it as, if this is a plastic surgeon and he definitely can recognize, Oh, the ID, double ID, is made by the surgeons. And also they can see the nose is one that has implantations. All like this. So in the genome of this SARS-CoV-2, when we examine it, is also very clear that there are something inserted and something deliberately changed in the very cunning way to enhance the transmissibilities and the pathogenicity to harm humans. So these are the very clear evidence presented in the virus genome, which is like the human fingerprint. It can tell you all the things. And also, that’s why the Chinese government need to throw lot of fabricated virus to make people confused that maybe this virus come from some bats cave, maybe it comes from west China or even the south East Asia, or like this. They keep making it up. And this is also part of the strategies. When they try to make the novel bio weapons. They wrote it in their documents, by the People’s Liberation Army’s Bio Weapon General. They said clearly, once the novel bio weapon based on coronavirus is recognized as the lab origin, and then the misinformation and denials can work.

Joshua Philipp: Wait, so there were military documents saying this?

Dr. Li-Meng Yan: Oh, there is a military documents written by the Bio Weapon General, [Shi do Jong 00:10:12], in 2015 under full the support from the People’s Libration Army and the CCP government. And this title of this document, actually, is the SARS-CoV-1, the non nature origin and new human target virus as a bio weapon using genetic technology. So this document, actually, I have reviewed it early this year and later sent it to some related department. And later on you see Sky News in Australia, they also reported it. And this document actually is open, published in China for military students as a textbook.

Joshua Philipp: Wow. Pretty intense stuff. I’d like to learn more about this if we could do more on it. But just briefly for our audience too, we do remember because there’s been a lot of reports saying the genome was never looked at. But actually, there were Chinese scientists who did get genome, isolated it, and even reported on it. And they got disappeared. The CCP disappeared these scientists, and then disappeared any talk about the genome. I’m curious, did you hear anything personally about when that coverup started in China, when they tried to erase the genome?

Dr. Li-Meng Yan: Yes. So because the genome can tell you a lot of things, and especially if you are the Chinese people working in the scientific field or medical field, you understand Chinese Communist party, and then you will realize why this change happened. And then Chinese government from the beginning of the outbreak has warned doctors and the scientists to listen to the instructor-.

Dr. Li-Meng Yan: Doctors and the scientists, that you listen to the instructions from the central government. For example, based on my intelligence, the people I reached to, even they work directly with George Fu Gao, I mean the Chinese CDC Director, they dare not to tell me anything. They will tell me, “Oh, all the things are confidential, because government doesn’t allow you to talk. And if not, you will be punished. You have to listen to them.”

And yes, for example, example like Dr. Li Wenliang, that passed away with the COVID from Wuhan, just because he tell the people around him to be careful of the new coronavirus, and show that genome evidence that virus looks like SARS-1, and it is infectious. Then he get punished. And also, there are another seven doctors get punished as him at the same time. But do you know where other seven doctors now?

Joshua Philipp: I do not.

Dr. Li-Meng Yan: We don’t know too, because no news you can get. This is so called disappeared, and also silenced. And do you know where Dr. Li Wenliang is? He passed away now. And I can tell you that based on the information from people who know him, because we are in a very small doctor group, and doctor Li Wenliang get punished. So, when he get infected of SARS-COVID -2, the government doesn’t want him to get treated in time.

So, that means the government want give this kind of punishment and to kill his life. I mean, there is a chance he can recover if he’s lucky enough, but clearly he’s not that lucky. And the government actually want to see this happened,

Joshua Philipp: You mentioned there’s a small community of these doctors who work on viruses in China. That you tend to know each other. You tend to know family. You tend to be in touch with each other. Is this understood that… Is it believed among this community, that the Chinese Communist Party is targeting and either disappearing or killing them? Is this the understanding?

Dr. Li-Meng Yan: So, there are different groups I’m in, and also I can get information from, and I cannot tell too much information, because it’s related to their personal security. But I can tell you that, for example, if I’m in a doctor group… And always in such group, I mean, if it’s in WeChat or in other social media, Chinese government will send people infiltrated to monitor other people’s talking. And if you see you are talking in the group with the colleagues about something the government doesn’t want you to talk, and the informant will report.

And also, government has the automatically searching that kind of technology. They also can locate this person, if you talk about too many sensitive word. And this sensitive word can involve lab origin or the bio weapon. All these things. It’s up to the government. So, usually people even cannot talk publicly in such group if there are more than three people in the groups. It’s very dangerous.

Joshua Philipp: Now, when did the threats against you start, and was this part of a phenomenon? Were they targeting other doctors around you? When did they start, and what was the environment at the time?

Dr. Li-Meng Yan: So, for the threat around me, I mean, I can tell you some experience. For example, I worked in Hong Kong. I’ve been there for eight years and I’m the Hong Kong citizen. And when I came out from Hong Kong, immediately in my middle school alumni group in WeChat, which has over 300 people, the director of… I mean, the admin of this group turns to be the person who report all the things about me to the government, and also helps government to threat all the other people who know me and to want to know all the talking record. All the other things happen about me for Chinese Communist Party. And also she, I mean, as my previous friend, helped Chinese government to hunt me. Try to chase me back to Hong Kong. This is really happened.

And also, there are other people, they are in the groups, in different groups, they are helping Chinese government to spread the rumor. For example, when I show the evidence to people, and they will create a rumor that I’m psycho, or they will spread a rumor that I’m just a common animal keeper. Or even something more hilarious, that I’m a hamster. No, nothing, like the hamster I keep using for experiment. They spread this to other people to ruin my reputation, and also to undermine the influence of the truth of COVID-19 I delivered.

Joshua Philipp: So, of course, you defected to the United States. You began going to the media and talking about what was happening in China, based on what you saw firsthand. I think for a lot of Americans… Well, maybe we’re seeing it now a little more, but a government acting like this, it’s not normal for us. We can understand from Soviet Union and the Gulags that communist systems do this, but inside China, I mean, how is it understood? You talk about this red line, and that the CCP may try to disappear you. What is the understanding of the nature of the communist party of China among people who do overstep the red line, I guess they call it?

Dr. Li-Meng Yan: Oh, that’s a good question, Joshua. Yeah. Soviet Union has such history record, and Chinese government make it even worse. So, the red line actually is invisible in our understanding, because Chinese government may get angry for anything. So, the best thing is you listen to ideally what the government want you to do and don’t touch anything else if the government doesn’t mention it.

And in my case, that means when I go to do, I mean, the confidential study… So, I have asked my supervisor, [Leo Poon 00:18:25]. I said, “Why you cannot, as a big expert, to get information directly from China government?” And he told me, “Because they don’t want to let us to know that, and so you need to be careful.” Then I understand. All the information about the COVID-19 at that time happened in China is a whole issue the Chinese government doesn’t want you to touch.

And later on, my investigation also verified that. That means if government tell you there is no outbreak, no novel virus, then there is no. If government tell you that no people died, and even you see thousands of people died, you will say, “No. No people die.” And you won’t ask why, because you know once you ask why, government will become angry. And you cannot discuss it even with your friend, because first you don’t know whether government is watching you. And the second thing is you don’t know whether this friend actually will turn to the informant for the Chinese government to report what you are doing.

And all these things, that means even it comes to your family. If you start to tell it, and the government will become angry, because you cross the red line. Even you tell this is something really happened to you, but government feel that will ruin the government’s reputation, or ruin the government’s plan, or ruin the positive image of this government, then they will put you into prison, or they will give you more punishment. And later on, no one will see you in public, and also no one will believe your words. It also happened for those brave journalists, like Zhang Zhan, and like the founding who are still disappeared or in the prison dying.

Joshua Philipp: We heard about some of these stories here in the west as well. Some of these stories did get out. Now, with this as well, I mean, can you tell us some of the threats you’ve gotten? You mentioned that there were some… They were telling you in direct and sometimes indirect ways that they can make you disappear. That even on American soil, they can come get you and abduct you. Bring you back to China. How frequent are threats, and what are some of the recent ones you’ve had?

Dr. Li-Meng Yan: The reason is very clear. Because the things I’m telling the word actually reveals the top confidential plans of the Chinese government. They spend over 20 years working on the novel weapon, including using coronavirus. They know that is one of the best way for the Chinese Communist Party to replace America and other countries, become the world dominance by 2035 or even earlier.

However, when I start to reveal it, it changed all the strategies. China government were forced to admit the outbreak in Wuhan within four hours. And also, they were forced to admit the first time in the world that human to human transmission exists after 24 hours, within 24 hours of my revelation.

And also, the bad woman, she generally in Wuhan Virology Institute has quickly submitted her fabricated virus, RATG-13, the next day after my revelation, and to chase the word that the virus come from nature. So, Chinese government know that I’m the problem. And because I work in the University of Hong Kong, I actually directly worked with the top scientists in this field who are the bridge between the Chinese military and the international scientific campaign.

So, for example, my boss Malik Peiris, he is the person which Fauci praised as a hero. And also, he get the one million US dollar award from Chinese government this September, because of his understanding of coronavirus and the theory of animal to human transmission. So, all these things make me understand it deeply. And also, when I reveal this, Chinese government realize I’m the big problem, and then they need to disappear me.

And the real threats I meet also include, for example, in this July will, when at that time, I live in Connecticut, Stanford. And the Chinese Communist Party agent exposed my address, and called for people to attack me and make me disappear.

So, one day there is one person. He claimed that he’s the FBI agent and show his photo ID to my apartment managers. And the manager accompanied with him to go to my apartment. And this person actually was proved later on by the local police that he is not the legal FBI agent. And he came into my apartment, took out of video and photos and immediately send it to CCP agent, who spread it online to threaten me. And luckily, I was not in that apartment at that moment. So, this is very clear to show how terrible they can be.

Joshua Philipp: Now, I understand they tried poisoning you as well? I know we had a pre-call and this was mentioned.

Joshua Philipp: I understand they tried poisoning you as well. I know we had a pre-call. This was mentioned that you believe they tried poisoning you. Can you tell us what happened?

Dr. Li-Meng Yan: Yes, that is actually happened a few days before I escape Hong Kong. And the sadly is the thing happened and the person who helped Chinese government to do this is my husband, the person I get married for five years and I loved so much at that time because he is also helping, as I said, the big boss Malik Peiris. He’s his best helper in this team. At that time, well, he knows I will leave Hong Kong to go to America because I tried to persuade him go with me. He immediately threat me, which is totally, I mean, out of my expectation at that time. He threat to kill people who help me in America and he didn’t deny he would kill me. He said, “We can go nowhere. They are everywhere.” I ask, “What will you do? You want kill people as suicide bomb?” He said, “We have thousands way of to do that. We have enough people.”

Then later on, two days before I leave, he gave me two eggs for breakfast and I ate half. Then I feel very uncomfortable, I’m very sleepy, and then I didn’t finish the egg. But he tried to push me to eat the whole two eggs for the whole day from morning to afternoon and I fall into sleep again and again. Every time I wake up, he would look at me and ask me to finish the egg and also told me that, “You are not sick. You just need some fresh air. Let’s go to the seaside. I will bring you to a new seaside. You haven’t been there. It’s beautiful.”

The next day I came to check because all my colleagues told me that I look very pale, very sick and they pushed me to see the doctor and the doctor told me my heart rate at rest was over 130. According to my health recall, this is very, very strange and they are nervous about that. So I actually escape Hong Kong the day after I see the doctor.

Joshua Philipp: Do you know if your husband was in touch with people who were encouraging him to do this?

Dr. Li-Meng Yan: What I can say is since I came to America, I have several conversation with my husband through phone call and my husband always try to help the Chinese government and Hong Kong government to bring me back. He told me that “You come back,” and said, “You are innocent and they will give you promotion when you go back. They will give you a lab. They will give you a lot of [inaudible 00:27:00], like millions of money.”

Also he came to America the first time it was month of July when FoxNews1 gave the first exclusive report about me to review the corruption between WHO and the CCP government. My husband came to US to stop it and that can be verified by the Fox News. By the way, the same day, he came to America to stop this news it’s the same day my boss Malik Peiris quit the work and left Hong Kong. Also the second time my house came to America is this March and I received intelligence, warn me that my husband came to America this time because he need to conduct the emotional caring to make me disappear. This is also the typical way Chinese government use for fox hunting you mentioned.

Joshua Philipp: In Operation Fox and being the name of the operation that they were known to have in the US to abduct people back to China.

Dr. Li-Meng Yan: Yes, they [inaudible 00:28:10] family member to do this.

Joshua Philipp: And there were public reports detailing that as well. That’s right.

Dr. Li-Meng Yan: Yes.

Joshua Philipp: You know, I’m curious, you talked about some of these military programs working with these laboratories and you made a pretty big claim that the military actually had written stated plans of weaponizing the original SARS virus, making it more easily transmissible, and this was part of their written documented plan that you mentioned, you named the report. Can you tell us what that plan of the CCP was working through its military according to these documents you’ve seen?

Dr. Li-Meng Yan: CCP actually planned to develop the bioweapon for long time from 1990s. Even before that, actually the Chinese government accept a lot of previous bioweapon expert from Japan after World War II, and also from Soviet Union after the breakup of that country.

Later on Chinese government, because we had experienced SARS1, then they realized that SARS1 is a good candidate to develop the similar bioweapon. That’s why in 2014, the Chinese Academy of Military Medical Science has published the document explain their bioweapon strategies. They call that as biosecurity and I also have this document. After this whole strategies, the next year they publish another book named the SARS-CoV-1 non-nature origin, and also the new genetic bioweapon using the coronavirus.

So the two book actually are the very main documents to describe to people how to develop the novel bioweapon and their strategies. They describe it in a third party’s way and also very hypocritically they always mentioned that, “Oh, we need to notice about this. This will be a problem.” But actually what you have seen is this is what exactly they are doing in mainland China. So the military actually conduct the Military-Civil Fusion projects and that there is a massive network from military to civilian scientist and also infiltrate America and other countries so they can get new technology from other countries, they can establish the good relationship between the Chinese Communist Party and the WHO or United Nations and also like the CDC and NIH in America and also like medical journal Nature, Science, Lancet.

So Chinese Communist Party behind this using their money and their national power to encourage the unrestricted bioweapon development. They understand the weakness of the bioweapon convention. They understand the weakness of the bioterrorism surveillance system in other countries. Also they realize that make the novel bioweapon using, for example, like coronavirus and make it look like nature occurring, then it will be very useful. Once the other scientists realize what happened, they can deny and use misinformation.

Also they want to make it as a low death rate bioweapon. Because once it’s low death rate, it is hidden and also it easy for transmissibility. More importantly, this can undermine the enemy’s ignominy and social order, little by little, but they even don’t understand what happened. Also very evil thing is they said, “Once you kill people that you kill one or two people directly, but if you use such bioweapon, for example, when you kill one person, there are three, another person, people may come to help him. So that means you reduce four people, how to say, human force in the enemy’s defense system. And once you overcome the enemy’s country, you can stop this bioattacks and you still can use them after over human force for your purpose.”

Joshua Philipp: Based on these documents, they were talking about weaponizing viruses in these military documents. And you believe that based on that you see similarities to SARS-CoV-2 or COVID-19.

It’s interesting. You said that they wanted to not have a high death rate because part of this was not just the human cost, but also the destruction of foreign social order and also the destruction of foreign economies, both of which we have seen the CCP do through its promotions through the World Health Organization. We discussed some of your research as well on similarities you’ve seen within the virus, in particular, the spike proteins, I believe, it is that make it human transmissible, which you believe based on your research as a virologist, that may come from this type of research.

Can you just explain this to us? I mean, what’s going on here? Explain it to us just briefly again.

Dr. Li-Meng Yan: The SARS-CoV-2 virus actually is based on a very unique, bad coronavirus discover and obtained by Chinese military. So this virus was called ZC45 and it a twin like virus they discover at the same time called ZXC21. These two streams were found by [inaudible 00:34:05] from eastern China. So they actually report it and also record the genome sequence to the NIH database in 2017.

After that, because their studies show that this virus is very potential useful for their purpose because it even has the potential neurotoxicity, I mean, it can damage the brain, it can cause the brain inflammation, nerve inflammation, and which is Chinese government looking for, so somehow later on, they use this virus as candidate to make the SARS-CoV-2.

How they made it is basically you can consider that it’s like playing the Lego. You have different part of the element. Each element maybe show some function. They learned this element for past decades from their own study or went through the collaboration with other scientists overseas, or just get it from American scientists outcomes.

Anyway, they use this different function and put it on the bad coronavirus. They want to enhance the pathogenicity of this virus to target human. There are different function they have successfully rooted into the spike protein. For example, in my Yan Report, we proved that the smoking gun evidence show they have, first, changed receptor binding domain in the S protein and that is the part they learn from SARS1. So for the layman, we can understand it is like the key. The key is this part on the virus and the lock is the receptor, human ACE2 receptor all over our…

Dr. Li-Meng Yan: Receptor, human ACE to receptor, all over our body, all over our vital system in different organs. And they have changed this key part as protein for the central part, the core part, exactly the same as COVID one, because the COVID one work in this mechanism. And then they covered the evidence to make the other part of the key look different. So finally, this key part, when it gets access to human, it can immediately open this lock in your body, and that means the virus can easily get into your body to work and to amplify.

And also the other part we identified is Ferin Cleavage Site, and this part never exist in the similar virus in the virus history. So there is no way it suddenly jump into this virus and jump as exact right position to exert the function. And this part, you can image it as, for example, once the virus use a key to open the locks of your body, but maybe the shape of the gate is not right. But this Ferin Cleavage Site will help to change the shape of the gate and then facilitate the virus to get into your body efficiently. So this are target human.

And also I have identified that Chinese government have used the humanized mouse with human ACE to receptor to do the lab adaptation. That means the virus before it goes to human in the labs, it can get adapted to this human receptor in the mouse model. And that’s why this virus like human best than any of other animals, and you cannot find the nature animal host until now.

So these are all the experiment to gain the function with the purpose, and there are even more function. For example, we have seen the change in the S protein in the other part, but because lack of the functional data, we still cannot identify what exact function that is to harm human. But we see the modification already, and this all happen even in your vaccines because the S protein is deliver into our body.

Joshua Philipp: And some important points with this as well. You talked about the experiments with humanized mice, the mice with humanized lungs. That was, of course, working through organizations, tied to the NIH, if I remember right, the National Institutes of Health. And, of course, the World Health Organization has been working directly with them. Have you seen cooperation on these programs with WHO or NIH?

Dr. Li-Meng Yan: Actually, first we talk about WHO, and WHO work very closely with Chinese government to help Chinese government cover up and spread misinformation. And I can say that because my boss, Malik Peiris, is a bridge, as I mentioned to you, and I work with a bunch of WHO expert in emerging infectious disease, including my two bosses and also my husband and other professors. And I know that if I can tell you, even until now the technique officer in the WHO for Covid-19, Maria Van Kerkhove, actually has very close connection with Malik Peiris, and she get a lot of help to get promoted to this position by Malik Peiris. And also, I want tell you is WHO was recognized as a surveillance organization for organization of bio weapon convention in 2005. And guess what?

After that, from 2006 to 2017, Hong Kong doctor Margaret Chan was put into the position of general of secretary for over 10 years. And she has been to my lab to tell us in face to face that she appreciates the help from Chinese Communist Party and also my boss, Malik Peiris, to get into this position, and later on is Dr. Tedros. And NIH gave a lot of funding, of course, because they also have good connection with Chinese government, and China use this way to get your tax payers money and your technology, and in future academic field in America. And also NIH director like Dr. Fauci, they get the benefits they want from China.

Joshua Philipp: Hmm. Now just kind of wrapping this up. I mean, it seems like you have some pretty major findings, and I assume this is maybe why they’re targeting you. Are you aware of other doctors being targeted as well? Is there like a cleanup going on? Is the CCB trying to clean this up? And by that, I mean, like eliminate people who might be in the know?

Dr. Li-Meng Yan: Actually, I’m working with those doctors who get censored, who get punished from no matter the NIH or CDC, because they are so brave to tell people the drug works, and they anti-mandate. They anti in response for vaccination to case, and also they don’t want the booster because there is still no safe data to prove the safety, and they’re worried about the public health. I’m working with such doctors like Dr. Peter McConnell and Dr. Richard [inaudible 00:41:59]. We are doing the tour research all over America to tell people what really happened in COVID. And I believe that Chinese Communist Party is a main power behind it, but also because the anti- mandate and this kind of call for safe vaccine activity make the big pharmacy and also the capital behind angry, because this is a good chance for the big capital and the big pharmacies to get enough money from the pandemic. And the drugs are too cheap. If you know the drugs work and drugs safe but the vaccines not safe, then you definitely won’t choose to get vaccination. So this is actually China government triggered aid and the downstream, the organizations, or the people, realize the benefit. So they will get gather, and also they will help Chinese government for their own benefits. Like the shark will swim to the [inaudible 00:43:03] once they see it.

Joshua Philipp: Now, just last question. I mean, of course you defected from China. You’ve put your life on the line. You’ve been doing a lot of research still trying to uncover this whole issue and what’s really happening. I guess, last question, I mean, what is it that drives you to do this? What hat made you want to take this risk on yourself, and I mean, put your life on the line and your almost end your career? You didn’t know what was going to happen. What was it that made you want to do this?

Dr. Li-Meng Yan: It’s very easy because I’m the medical doctor, and also I’m the virologist when I get all the intelligence, and when I analyze all of them, I realized it was urgent at that time. If I don’t tell the word, and they will keep covering up, and there will be outbreak, bigger outbreak, and even pandemic all over the world. And at that time it was 17th, January 2020, and I hoped to find the reliable way to deliver my message out, and then it could manage to give pressure to Chinese government to stop this evil plan. And on 19th, January 2020, I managed to do it through an older medium, which is anti-CCP YouTube channel based in America. And it did change the strategies for Chinese government, and it delayed the outbreak and reduced the damage in some way. However, the Chinese government still try to use more misinformation and more tactics to achieve their goal using this unrestricted bioweapon.

And I want to say that I get inspired from the Hong Kong pro-democracy protest, because I was in Hong Kong. I’m the Hong Konger, and when I see it happen in Hong Kong, I realized how evil CCP can be. They want to grab the freedom, democracy, human rights, all these basic things from poor people, and once people start to fight, they will just disappear them or kill them. And.

I want to share one thing I see in the Hong Kong protest to all the audience. That is, when it happened, most of the protests are young peoples. However, there are a lot of senior people over 70 to 80s, they stand in the front line to stop the army harm the protestors. And they told the journalists, “When we were young, 50 years ago, we didn’t realize CCP is so evil, so we didn’t stop it. And now we realize that they are evil, and we didn’t do it when we were young so we want do it at this moment to help our next generations. This is only thing we can do to stop them.”

So this is also what I think. This is the thing I want do to stop it. And I’m lucky I’m still alive now to share the things with people. So, it’s just very easy.

Joshua Philipp: Great. Hey, Dr. Li-Meng Yan, thank you for taking time for this, and thank you for being on Crossroads.

Dr. Li-Meng Yan: Thank you so much, Joshua.

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