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Whistleblower: Reason for Nuclear Plant Failure

The new Omicron strain is starting to spread around the world, and vaccine-maker Moderna says existing doses will be less effective against it.

Why is the new virus variant called Omicron? Because the World Health Organization skipped two other choices. The latter option has the same pronunciation as a common Chinese surname.

A new report says at least seven countries are quietly supporting a Taiwanese military project, as a 10-day U.S. military drill concludes near the region—all in effort to deter a Chinese invasion.

China’s Taishan nuclear power plant has taken damage, but exactly how much? A whistleblower says it’s nearly 15 times worse than the communist regime’s report suggests.

The UK is listing its defense priorities, and China is at the top. In a rare speech, the chief of Britain’s Secret Intelligence Service labeled China as its “single greatest priority.”

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