When Art Makes Cents

Hudson Valley artists show their work in Otisville
July 12, 2015 Updated: July 15, 2015

OTISVILLE—Those with a creative bent agree that it’s tough to make a living as an artist. It wasn’t tough to appreciate the products that members of Hudson Valley Artists Cooperative presented at the Otisville Senior Saturday on July 11. Visitors got a glimpse of interesting artwork, crafts, and home décor.

Taste buds enjoyed the creations of Carla Leary’s Sinfully SWEET Desserts. Her beautifully packaged homemade gourmet cupcakes on display would make it difficult for anyone not to take a bite. Jayne Di Roma also makes cupcakes, but of the sudsy kind. Her soaps appear to be decorated cupcakes that one might want to eat, not clean with. She commented that gives a different take on washing one’s mouth out with soap.

Andrea Martins’ soaps, candles, scrubs, and lip balms carry a clean, fresh scent. Her business uses only pure fragrance and essential oils and 100 percent soy wax. Martins said popular scents are white tea and olive. Dawn Cantanucci began her jewelry business, Designed by Dawn, only two years ago and is finding growing success, especially with her bracelets. “I’d like everyone to wear something I’ve made,” she said and prices her pieces to be affordable.

Ken Melia Jr. showed his acrylic on canvas board paintings of lighthouses and seascapes. His love of the sea was evident and can be shared if placed in a home. Cedar carving is a skill that Michele Vanderpyle displayed from her craft business Stumpthing Chained. Vanderpyle said she often uses cedar to carve since it resists insects. With recycling the rage, DJ Baker uses recycled wood to create rustic wood signs and décor for the home and garden.

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