[WCS Special] Kenneth Starr: #1 Question For Mueller’s Testimony & China Threat to Religious Freedom

July 18, 2019 Updated: August 15, 2019

At the Western Conservative Summit, we sat down with Kenneth Starr, former US Solicitor General and Whitewater Independent Counsel who investigated former president Bill Clinton.

We discuss the upcoming Mueller testimony, including some tough questions Starr would like to ask Mueller. When did Mueller “personally conclude that there was no collusion?” Starr wonders. And if he did conclude this earlier on, did Mueller consider reporting to acting Attorney General Rod Rosenstein? If not, why?

We also discuss religious freedom in the US and abroad, and the greatest threat to global religious freedom in Starr’s eyes—the Chinese communist regime. Notably, he applauds the Taiwanese leadership’s “powerful statement condemning human rights abuses and the lack of religious freedom in China.”

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