Waterspout Wreaks Havoc in Florida

April 30, 2019 Updated: April 30, 2019

It is a terrifying moment caught on video by a brave bystander named Dave. From a nearby balcony, watch as Dave records the formation of a dangerous waterspout in the water beneath him. In no time, the waterspout forms and quickly grows in size, transforming as it hits and spreads across the water and throws mist into the air.

It quickly begins to move onto to land, taking hold of rooftops and wreaking havoc on nearby buildings as debris is thrown into the air and out into the water. In time, it quickly moves back into the water and gains strength before turning and moving quickly towards Dave and his wife, who continue to capture it all on video.

There, it makes landfall again, this time just feet away from the balcony they are standing on as they quickly make their way back inside their room. While no injuries were reported in this event, it surely brought havoc to nearby shorelines, destroying buildings and personal property, by sending debris flying into local communities.

Watch the shocking video of this waterspout for yourself.

Credit: Viralhog