Watch Tesla’s New Sentry Mode Security Abilities in Action

By Benzinga
October 31, 2021 Updated: October 31, 2021

Tesla Inc.’s sentry mode has been helpful in many cases, usually when the owner comes back to their vehicle and finds damage done while they were gone. The system allows the cameras surrounding a Tesla vehicle to record any events that happen when the owner is away.

But now a new update leaked recently is already appearing on owner’s cars.

Twitter Inc. user @dezmondOliver shared a video using the new feature. The Tesla owner is able to watch the car’s cameras through his phone. Owners can also talk through the phone, using the car’s external speaker to talk to people nearby.

This feature can be used anywhere both the car and phone have an internet connection. This allows owners to check on their vehicles, or even make sure the surroundings are safe before returning to their car in a dark parking lot.

As of now, the feature is only available on iOS, but will be coming to Android devices in the future.

By Benzinga EV Insights

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