Watch: Central Michigan Pulls One of the Greatest Plays in CFB History

By Jim Liao
Jim Liao
Jim Liao
December 25, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

This was the Popeyes Bahamas Bowl, featuring the Central Michigan Chippewas and the Eastern Kentucky Hilltoppers.

With one second on the clock, down seven, and the ball on their own 25 yard line, the Chippewas proceeded to execute what some call one of the craziest plays in college football history.

Usually in this situation, there are two options: the hail mary, or the hook and ladder.

The Chippewas didn’t choose; they went ahead and did both.

As for the craziness of the play, you can watch it for yourself. It is up to you to determine if all the laterals were legal and whether the last touchdown really hit pay turf, though most have no qualms in this regard.

Either way, at the end of the day, it was still a heartbreaking loss for the Chippewas. After the craziness of this play, they then opted to go for two after having dropped 34 unanswered points on the Hilltoppers in the fourth quarter. The conversion attempt was not succesful. 

How was this option to go for two? Or maybe they should have used another play, instead of the wide receiver corner fade they used?

Jim Liao