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Washington Monument Vandalized; GOP Lawmakers Work to Ban Gender Transition Surgeries on Minors | NTD Good Morning

The Washington Monument was vandalized on Tuesday night. The base was graffitied and splashed with red paint. Police took one man into custody.

A group of Republican lawmakers is working toward banning gender transition surgeries on minors. They gathered outside the U.S. Capitol on Sept. 20 to call for support of a new bill.

Iranian protestors take to the streets in Istanbul over the death of a young woman at the hands of Iran’s morality police.

Topics in this episode include:

1. Washington Monument Vandalized
2. Democrats Vote Down Hunter Biden Investigation
3. Protect Children’s Innocence Act
4. Delaware Prepares for Illegal Immigrants
5. My Pillow CEO Sues Department of Justice
6. US, Ukraine Cooperate in War Crimes Investigation
7. Iranian Protesters Rally in Istanbul
8. Explosion at Chicago Apartment Building
9. Tropical Storm Gaston Forms in Atlantic
10. Canada May Drop Vaccine Requirement to Enter
11. Tips to Avoid Air Travel Disruptions
12. Europe Scrambles for Coal
13. Gap Laying Off 500 Corporate Employees
14. Apple Plans Fix for iPhone 14 Pro Camera Bug
15. Saudi’s to Visit Space Station
16. US Space Force Adopts its Own Song
17. A Girl and Her Mini-Horse

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