Washington DC Weather Forecast Today: Snow of Up to 8 Inches Possible

The Washington, D.C. weather forecast today, January 21, calls for between four and eight inches of snow, though as much as two inches of snow could fall per hour in the new hourly forecast.

Snow could continue into the night, with around one inch of snow dropping at night.

Winds are projected to reach up to 17 miles per hour during the day and 20 miles per hour at night, with gusts of 30 miles per hour in the afternoon and up to 33 miles per hour at night.

The forecast for the rest of the week doesn’t include snow at the moment.

Wednesday is expected to be partly sunny but still chilly. That forecast is mostly the same for Thursday and Friday, with temperatures expected to rise a little to a high of 35 Fahrenheit on Saturday.

The 10-day and 15-day forecasts also don’t include snow at the moment

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