Walking Dead Season 5 Spoilers: Daryl, Beth Could Get Together; No ‘Richonne,’ However

The Walking Dead season 5 might include a reunion between Daryl Dixon and Beth Greene, according to actress Emily Kinney.

Kinney plays Beth in the hit AMC show, who was getting closer to Daryl before they were ripped apart in a stunning turn of events in the middle of season 4.

“Something special’s happening and they don’t know what it is yet,” Kinney told Digital Spy.

“I’m sure many of us have had those kinds of relationships–is this something or does he just care about her in a brotherly way? That’s what so brilliant about it–you can’t put your finger on it.” 

If a reunion does happen, then it may not happen for a while–based on the first trailer for season 5, Beth is trapped at some sort of hospital with people who don’t seem very nice, while Daryl is trapped at Terminus with Rick and most of the rest of the group. Although there have been some reports of the actors being on set together at the same time.

As for fans keeping an eye on another possible romance–Rick and Michonne–that likely isn’t happening.

“I think there is definitely a trust and respect and friendship. They understand each other, they get each other’s minds and motives. She wanted a family–now she has one,” explained Danai Gurira.

“But the idea of [a romantic] component… I don’t know if it’s crucial to her. What’s crucial to her is having people to invest in again.” 

Walking Dead season 5 will premiere on Sunday, October 12.

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