Walk Away: When Divorce is the Only Logical Answer

January 29, 2015 Updated: April 23, 2016

The divorce rate continues to rise. Sometimes, people get divorced because they don’t want to work through their problems or issues. Other times, though, the divorce is warranted.

When it comes to your marriage, you are ultimately in control of how it pans out. Most couples experience hardships and troubles, and if you want to save your marriage, you will find ways to work through these issues. Some resolutions include family counseling or therapy, while others involve making personal changes to benefit the relationship.

If your marriage is experiencing minor troubles, it’s important that you try to work through the problems before rushing to the aid of a divorce lawyer to end the marriage.

However, there are certain situations that require you to end your marriage, and the following are a few examples of when divorce is the only answer.

Domestic Violence

If there is domestic violence in your relationship, you need to get out now before it becomes worse. Domestic violence can be anything from oral abuse to physical abuse, and it’s not something you deserve or should take. Although it is often hard for individuals to get out of a domestic violence relationship, it is possible. Seek the help of a professional to help you gain the confidence and the strength to end your marriage before you become seriously injured or even killed.

Child Abuse

Child abuse comes in many different forms, and if your spouse is abusing your child in any way, whether mentally or physically, get out now for the safety of your child. Your spouse may take his abuse too far one day and seriously injure or even kill your child, and this is not something you will be able to live with.

If your spouse is mentally abusing your child, such as calling him or her names or bullying them in any way, you also need to leave. This is unhealthy for your child’s well-being and can cause serious developmental and social problems for your child as he or she gets older.

Obviously, if there is any type of sexual abuse of your child in your relationship, you need to get divorced. Sexual assault of a child is a serious offense, and you not only need to divorce your spouse, but you also need to contact the local authorities and report it.


Many people have opted to stay with partners who have cheated, and ultimately, the decision is yours. However, a cheating spouse will only cause problems in the future of your relationship, and it may not be worth saving. For example, if your spouse cheated on you—even once—your trust in your spouse is going to be gone. You will now start to question every move that he or she makes, as their past infidelity will always be on your mind. You’ll wonder if they are really working late or why they’re spending such a long time at the grocery store, and this will drive you crazy.

It can also lead you to crazy behavior, such as tapping their phone, going through their emails, or even following them. This is not healthy for your relationship, so if infidelity is not something that you can truly and honestly get over, just get divorced.