Visiting the 2016 Nissan Titan XD: New Cummins Diesel Engine Plant

February 21, 2016 Updated: February 21, 2016

Starting with the 2016 model year, Nissan is building its new Titan turbo diesel engine at the Cummins Engine Plant in Columbus, Indiana. Columbus is a town of about 40,000, just 45 miles south of Indianapolis.

The new 2016 Titan XD is already in showrooms, and based on what local dealership are saying, this new Titan is selling very well.

Cummins is an engine manufacturing company with $19.2 billion in revenues for 2014, employing 54,600 employees worldwide.

Not only has Cummins been a profitable company for over a century, it has enriched the city of Columbus both financially and culturally.

This writer along with other members of the Texas Auto Writers Association (TAWA) had the opportunity to tour the new diesel plant last fall.

It combines outstanding touring and hauling capacity.

Everyone from management and factory workers to team staff were excited and passionate about building the new Titan engine. The excitement was most obvious on the assembly line as the new 5.0 L V8 Cummins engine came off the line, ready to be fitted into the Titan XD.

In speaking about the new engine, Fred Diaz, V.P. Nissan Sales & Marketing and Operations, U.S. Nissan North America said, “Our new Titan will be competitive and definitely find a niche in the crowded truck market. It combines outstanding touring and hauling capacity as it provides towing and hauling with great fuel economy. It is going to be comfortable while providing an exceptional ride and handling and will feature amenities that will provide reliable functionality for truck owners,” he concluded.

Diaz’s prediction was spot on, as in October the TAWA named the Titan XD “The Truck of Texas.” This marked the first time a non-domestic truck had won the category.

The longtime head of Cummins, Irwin Miller, said the Cummins Foundation had encouraged the Columbus School Board to build quality buildings, offering to pay 10 percent of the construction costs to help recruit the best teachers to be hired for their district.

The foundation became involved in helping to finance other public buildings, earning the small town the title of “Athens of the West.”

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