Vintage Style Home Décor Rising in Popularity

We have all heard the term ‘old world charm’ and indeed it appears this charm is exerting its influence on Americans now more greatly than ever before. Interest in vintage style home décor ideas are emerging across the United States. While vintage clothing, retro style dressing has always been popular, the popularity of vintage home décor is spiking now.

Popular Vintage Home Décor Styles

Mid century modern is one of the more popular vintage home décor styles in vogue today. This style refers to décor ideas inspired from the 50s. You can create a typical mid century modern look for your bedroom or living room with furniture pieces from the era. Some of the stand out elements of the era include velvety throw pillows in vivid hues and geometric motif area rugs. A mid modern century lamp in the corner of the room can add to its vintage appeal.

Many people opt for an eclectic vintage style décor. This is essentially a mix of various styles coming together within the home. For instance, you may have a mid century coffee table, a Victorian style sofa, 1920s inspired side table and more to create this eclectic look.

The Best Sources for Vintage Finds

Vintage boutiques are cropping up all over the country where you can look for items that will add to your vintage décor. The internet continues to the #1 source for vintage finds, giving you a plethora of options depending on what you are looking for. Flea markets are all-time favorites of people intending to add great vintage elements to their home décor.

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