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Video Series Review: ‘Busy Bodies’

A Timeless & Surprisingly Comprehensive Health & Fitness Series.
BY Ian Kane TIMEJanuary 24, 2022 PRINT

Not rated | Health & fitness video series | 2020

I’ve worked in the health and fitness field for a number of years and have not only accumulated many certifications but ultimately ran my own fitness business. Although that was in the past, I’ve always found it intriguing to check out various forms of media that have to do with the subject from time to time, just to keep up with the latest news and trends.

But it’s also interesting to look back to videos and publications from years past to see if the information they contain is still pertinent. In many cases, older pieces of media are simply outdated and irrelevant (such is the case with many of the failed trends of yesteryear, etc.). But in some instances, I’ll actually come across items that not only still hold up today, but even incorporate information that is especially relevant in these modern times.

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“Busy Bodies”

A video series produced back in the year 2000 called “Busy Bodies” is definitely the latter. I’d initially assumed it would be passé and had visions of those hilariously oversexualized aerobicize videos from the 1980s. But after watching all 13 of the videos (each of which typically run from 23 to 25 minutes in length) that comprise this comprehensive series, I came away admiring how well the series was produced, as well as how practical the information it dispensed was.

The series begins by clearly outlining the state of modern society and how it has negatively impacted our health. It talks about how technology has advanced to the point where many of us aren’t working in manual labor jobs anymore. Instead, large swaths of the global population (particularly in the more developed countries) are sitting at desks or workstations all day (myself included).

This transition to a more sedentary lifestyle, coupled with all of the conveniences of easy-to-purchase and easy-to-find food sources, has led to a startling uptick in lethargy, as well as skyrocketing rates of obesity.

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“Busy Bodies”

However, unlike many of the health and fitness publications and videos I’ve read/watched throughout the years, this one doesn’t devolve into preachiness or condescending blather. Part of the series’ own description encapsulates this hopeful and helpful spirit of encouragement:

“Let’s face it, many people claim that they are far too busy to work out, they don’t have the motivation, it’s too expensive or multiple other reasons. Here are some ways that you can juggle exercising with your busy work schedule.”

Indeed, things quickly transition from the “why” of the emergence of unhealthy living standards, to what can be done about it—and everything starts somewhere, right? As I’ve always informed my own clients in the past, the key to any successful transition into a health and fitness lifestyle begins with starting off slowly.

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“Busy Bodies”

Sometimes, when people experience sudden bursts of motivation (which is great) or aspire to live up to health and fitness expectations they’ve hastily laid out for themselves (New Year’s resolutions anyone?), they can dive headfirst into a new workout plan without much consideration for their safety. As the narrator puts it “starting off too strong and too hard will most often be the cause of injury, or in some cases, an early burnout.” Like an engine that hasn’t been used in a while, one’s body has to be warmed up first before being put through the rigors of regular, prolonged exercise.

One of the things that I really like about this series is how it unpacks its information gradually. So many times, I’ve seen health and fitness videos that feature rapid-fire deliveries of instruction and knowledge, and I totally get why that can be discouraging to many people. Here, everything is built from the ground up in a logical manner.

So, you’ll learn the whole gamut in due time—ranging from nutrition (complete with healthy recipes) and incremental fitness, to how to establish exercise routines, as well as describing many different elements that can improve your health. Additionally, the series provides sample fitness regimens for you to follow.

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“Busy Bodies”

“Busy Bodies” is a well-produced health and fitness series that is not only great for beginners but also those at the intermediate level who want to refresh their knowledge base or learn something new. This series is highly recommended for anyone interested in being healthy. And yes, it even covers the importance of aerobics, although you won’t see any lewd videos from the 80s.

Rated: 4 stars out of 5

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