Video: Rescuers Try to Help Abandoned Chihuahua, but She’s Too Scared for Human Contact

April 23, 2019 Updated: April 26, 2019

A video has surfaced online of the moment dog charity, Hope for Paws, received and answered a distress call about a homeless Chihuahua dog who was hiding out in a garden.

The neighbors who had been feeding the poor dog said that Chichi the dog, as they had christened her, had been living on the streets for several months.

In the video we see a Hope for Paws Rescue worker slowly work to gain the dog’s trust by offering her snacks that she takes timidly as she cowers in terror in a corner between two houses. The poor dog shivers with fear and her eyes bulge as she slowly munches on each morsel of food sent her way.

She wasn’t yet ready to be touched yet though as she snaps at the fingers of her wood be rescuer, not realizing that the woman was trying to help her and she was about to be saved. After more food and encouragement, Chichi relaxed and began to take the food more readily, although her large eyes still stared out cautiously.

Eventually those trying to help the distraught dog managed to get what they had dubbed the “lucky lead” around the poor animal’s neck and she was gently led out of her hiding place and towards her future life. After months of living on the street, it was time for Chichi to be pampered and we watch as she is bathed and fussed over with praise heaped on her for what could be the first time in her life.

The video ends with a caption telling the viewer that Chichi was adopted a week later and we see her bouncing around happily at her new home with her new Chihuahua friends.

Video Credit: Hope for Paws | YouTube