California Band Banned From Venue After Lead Singer Assaulted Fan Who Took Selfie On Stage

By Andrew Simontacchi, Epoch Times
April 13, 2016 Updated: April 13, 2016

Californian pop-punk band The Story So Far will no longer play shows at the Mod Club in Toronto, Canada after their frontman delivered a nasty mid-spine kick to a girl who attempted to selfie onstage during their performance.

Lead singer Parker Cannon has sparked much outrage throughout the punk music community after he delivered the fierce kick—even sparking a fiery opinion piece from Vice’s noisey.

We are appalled by the actions of the singer.
— Jorge Dias, manager, Mod Club

A video, posted to YouTube, captured the blow, dealt at about 35 seconds in.

(Warning: Video contains strong language)

Although some people may have accepted his decision because of her on-stage over-stay, the majority are strongly opposed—including Mod Club manager Jorge Dias.

“We are appalled by the actions of the singer,” Dias said in an email to several local publications, who said he’s never seen anything like that in the venue’s 14 years.

He said: “That was a very cowardly act.”

And this isn’t his first kick either.

Cannon is seen in this YouTube video, dating back to June 4, 2015, delivering a kick to a stage diver attempting a selfie during a headlining performance on June 2 in Houston, Texas.

His act does raise the question: Did a fan who paid to come see a band perform really deserve the potentially dangerous gesture, or does her attempt at taking advantage of on-stage time warrant it? 

While stage diving, crowd surfing, and moshing/pitting are acceptable—even encouraged—at most of the venues The Story So Far performs at, the fact that she spent a long time on stage and tried to take a selfie might be what drove Cannon to kick her—and not to mention, the crowd erupts in cheer once he does.

Even the YouTube user who posted the video sided with Cannon saying, “Parker gently caresses girl off stage with his foot after overstaying her welcome… Seriously stop being so sensitive about this… it’s a punk rock show.”