Video: Man Wielding ‘Large Rock’ Prompts Police Officer to Shoot at Dallas Love Field Airport

By Andrew Simontacchi, Epoch Times
June 10, 2016 Updated: June 10, 2016

New video has surfaced of a shooting at the Dallas Love Field Airport in Texas, Friday afternoon.

The video was posted to Instagram by user @flashyfilms_, who has asked to be credited as Bryan Armstrong/ @flashyfilms_ #DallasLoveFieldShooting

The Dallas Police Department confirmed the shooting near the baggage claim area, and said in a press conference that the airport has not been closed, but is experiencing delays.

The suspect was carrying a very large rock—with which he allegedly attacked a female, believed to be the mother of his children, according to Randall Blankenbaker, chief of special investigations Dallas Police Department. The suspect allegedly engaged in a verbal and physical altercation with the female, but the children were not on the scene at the time.

Both the woman and the suspect were transported to local area hospitals.

The spokesman said it is unclear if the man had made contact with the police officer involved. Both witnesses and footage from the shootings, suggest 9 shots were fired—it is unclear how many of those shots struck the suspect.

“We don’t know the full backstory, but we will once we bring the lady in and get a full statement,” the spokesman said. The officer involved will be placed on administrative leave temporarily as the investigation is conducted—as per normal protocol.

Blankenbaker explained the shooting in a press conference on Friday afternoon.