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Video: Olympic Athlete’s Hotel Room Gets Drenched

Secretary of State Antony Blinken makes his first visit to Australia to meet with the other Quad alliance member nations. He says they share mutual concerns over China’s increasing threat.

A grassroots movement to quit the Chinese Communist Party comes under assault in New York City. A witness from the scene says she couldn’t fall asleep after seeing the attack.

How many people died in Wuhan in the last two years? That question remains unanswered, since the pandemic’s epicenter stopped reporting cremation data after the outbreak hit the city.

A hotel room gets drenched by a major ceiling leak. Despite rampant reports of building code problems in China, the video sparked discussion online, all because of the guest staying there.

A Christian businessman faces a seven-year jail sentence after his appeal was denied. He was charged with selling uncensored Bibles in his store, versions that didn’t get the green light from communist authorities.

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