Video Games to Watch Out For in 2011

January 3, 2011 Updated: October 1, 2015

Mass Effect 3

Mass Effect 2 was one of the biggest games of 2010. Will its successor be as popular in 2011?   (Courtesy of EA)
Mass Effect 2 was one of the biggest games of 2010. Will its successor be as popular in 2011? (Courtesy of EA)
After much speculation about a possible announcement this year, and an online error which caused industry rumours to become more realised, Mass Effect 3 was officially announced at the VGA Awards earlier this month to unsurprised yet drooling fans. With a trailer depicting a wartorn Earth, ME3 looks ready to bring the battle closer to home, while still (we hope) retaining the galactic exploration that was so enjoyable in the two previous games.


Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Much has changed in the almost five-year gap between the upcoming Skyrim and its predecessor, Oblivion. When it comes to open-world games, Bethesda are the artful masters of creating huge, expansive worlds which are filled to the brim with content. Hopefully, Skyrim will both improve and expand on the Elder Scrolls universe, and deliver us a game both bigger and better than its predecessor, as well as addressing the problems with previous titles.

Uncharted 3

As a PS3 exclusive, Uncharted 3 is a very strong contender for game of the year. After the huge commercial success of its predecessor, the third upcoming game has much to live up to if it is to regain its throne as king of the action-adventure genre on Sony’s platform. With little to say in terms of details, Uncharted is set to be a gorgeous, rollercoaster ride through exotic locations hunting for treasures, uncovering dark secrets all across the globe.

Gears of War 3

With many details left unreleased so far, Gears of War 3 is the final act in the trilogy. Following Marcus Fenix and his band of merry, muscular men through the battle against the Locust on their home plant Sera as it is overrun by the ferocious forces of the alien invasion. Gears has always been a visceral, blockbuster game experience, and with the level of action being turned up to 11, GOW3 has the potential to be one of this year’s best releases.

Batman: Arkham City

After securing itself as the ultimate superhero-inspired game back in 2009, Arkham Asylum was a stellar title that revamped Batman games in the same style as the new film franchise. Arkham City looks set to bring Batman back to consoles in bigger, badder fashion, adding a darker atmosphere, while the focus is still on the fantastic storytelling and authenticity that made the original such an instant classic.

L.A. Noire

The latest epic published by Rockstar, L.A. Noire looks set to capture post-war Los Angeles in style. With enhanced motion capture technology, the development team are aiming to bring a new level of realism to the current-gen consoles, and deliver staggering detail when it comes to both gameplay and character interaction. We can only pray that the final product lives up to the tech demos and teasers we have seen so far when it is released this spring.