Video: Driver in Los Angeles Uses Simple Signs to Merge in Traffic

August 12, 2019 Updated: August 12, 2019

A driver in Los Angeles has gone viral after using a simple method to merge in traffic.

YouTuber Allison Klemes uploaded the video, saying she “saw this man with a 300000 IQ switching lanes, thanks for enjoying the little things with me!”

According to Fox News, the driver of the Lexus was spotted in Culver City, California, holding a sign that said, “Please let me in” as their turn signal indicated a lane change.

After merging, the driver then held up a sign that read, “Thanks.”

In the comments section, users had mixed reactions.

“That’s the purpose of an indicator,” wrote one person.

Another wrote, “Please let me in? he’s already in.”

Said a third, “Or you could be a normal, intelligent human being and use turn signals, and pay attention to other peoples? Nevermind…California.”

“Really not that cool calm yourself,” another person told the uploader.

“I love how they shuffle through a few. I wonder what the others say?” questioned one commenter.

“This guy must have an IQ of like 1,000,” said one.

The identity of the driver has not yet been revealed.

Klemes, a Los Angeles native, told NBC4 that she has “never seen anything like that” while driving.

Traffic Officer ‘Busted’

Earlier this year, Drivers in Petrie, Australia, busted an officer who was hiding in the bushes with a radar gun.

The officer was trying to remain hidden to catch speeding drivers, reported. He was discovered after a woman in Brisbane shared photos of the officer checking the speed of passing traffic.

She wondered if his methodology was legal.

“Is [an officer] actually allowed to crouch in the hedges in the middle of the road?” the woman asked.

The woman, who was not named, said she wasn’t speeding, and the photos were taken by her passenger.

Some social media users blasted the officer, claiming that it was an attempt to gain more revenue via tickets. Some people, however, said it was part of their job description.

“They are allowed to do it they are doing their job,” one person wrote.

Another added: “They are allowed I think and should do it more often.”

Queensland Police told the news website that the officer was told to stop hiding in the bushes after it went viral.

“The Queensland Police Service (QPS) is aware of photos depicting an officer conducting speed enforcement circulating on social media,” Road Police Command Assistant Commissioner Mike Keating was quoted by the outlet as saying. “The officer in the photo has been identified and was requested to cease operating from that position immediately.”

Keating said that such a “deployment will be reviewed against the guidelines for the operation of this particular type of device.”

Police officers are able to operate mobile speed cameras from marked and unmarked vehicles in uniform or in normal, plain clothes,