Video: Deer Caught in Electric Fence Frantically Thrashes Around, Forces Rescuers to Pin It Down

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May 1, 2019 Updated: May 2, 2019

A dramatic video has recently surfaced online of the intense moment a stag is rescued from the electric fence it had become stuck in after its antlers had somehow gotten wrapped in the wire.

In the video we watch as the poor animal jumps and twists in a rabid frenzy at it tries to free itself from the trap it has found itself in, unaware that its frantic efforts are only making matters worse and entrapping it further in the snare.

Two men then appear with a net that they capture and hold the poor animal in as they try to not only calm it down but also prevent it causing further harm to itself.

With the animal held down in a trap of their own making the two men begin to systematically pull, cut and remove the wiring of the electric fence from around the antlers as they attempt to free the animal and return it to the wild.

With one man pinning the deer to the floor by sitting on it and the other slowly clipping away at the wire that is wound tightly over and over around its proud horns, the animal inches towards freedom.

As the video progresses we get a close up of the cabling ensnaring the poor creature and we see how trapped it actually is and the mammoth task the rescuers have trying to free it.

With one final effort the last of the chord is clipped from the deer’s antlers and the men release the animal where it immediately jumps to its feet and runs full speed away towards the fields and forest in the distance.

If you want to see the intense rescue efforts of these intrepid men for yourself then watch the video.

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